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How To Choose The Right CBD Balm

How to choose a CBD balm

Thanks to CBD’s potential health benefits and non-intoxicating properties, products containing Cannabidiol have been increasing in popularity in recent years. CBD is known to treat a wide range of health issues including anxiety, pain, insomnia, and inflammation, without causing any psychoactive side effects t. Although the compound came from the same plant as marijuana, it’s directly derived from the hemp plant, which does not cause the “high” feeling.

There are a lot of high-quality CBD products that you can choose from including oils, tinctures, gummies, and balms. This shopping guide is to help people choose the best CBD skin balm for their needs and to discuss the general things that people need to consider when buying one.

What is a CBD Balm?

CBD balms are topical products that are infused with CBD. Instead of ingesting CBD oils or CBD edibles, you can use CBD balms directly in a localised area for sore muscles and pain relief. In addition to helping with physical pain, CBD balms may also be beneficial for rejuvenating skin health and for skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

CBD products are also said to be useful in your self-care routine. Engaging in a self-care routine has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression and stress, and improve concentration. CBD’s appeal to the masses for its anti-inflammatory properties makes it a perfect boost for self-care. The organic essential oils from the topical balm base have additional skin softening and soothing actions that ease dry skin as well as provide relaxation that can be a good addition to your daily routine.

What is the strength of CBD?

In purchasing high-quality CBD products, one of the most important things to consider is their potency as the strength of CBD matters from the standpoint of efficacy. This means that the stronger a CBD product is, the higher its potency is, and the stronger the effects will be. To see how much CBD a product contains, read the label of the product. However, determining strength can be tricky as there are different types of CBD products.

When choosing the strength of the CBD product, keep in mind that CBD affects everyone differently, so what feels strong to you may not feel as strong to another person. One of the things we need to consider is our body mass. People with less body mass need less CBD to experience its benefits, while people on the larger side will require higher amounts of CBD to produce the same results. However, even if you know the approximate dosage based on your body mass, you’ll need to experiment to see how your body reacts to different concentrations of CBD. If you’re a CBD newbie, it’s best to start with the lowest possible dosage and increase gradually if needed.

Storage Advice

The variety of CBD topicals is broad so it’s hard to know a storage trick that applies to all of them. However, CBD topicals do not require any special storage as similar products that don’t contain CBD. Like other make-up and skincare products, CBD topicals should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Note that cream-based ones easily melt at a temperature over 25C, so if you live in a hot country, storing your topicals could be a big problem. The best way to store your products is by placing them in cool storage in your home like an airconditioned room and even inside the refrigerator.

Additionally, make sure to check the label of your product for any storage instructions as some products may contain natural ingredients that prefer certain conditions.


CBD topicals are applied directly to the affected area of the body. Both the surface and deeper muscle levels can benefit from CBD topical products including relaxation and effective pain relievers. Once you apply the product to your body, you will start feeling its benefits within about 15 minutes and would take at least 5 hours for those effects to die down. However, on some occasions, the onset of CBD topicals could take up to 2 hours.

If you want a CBD balm product that would give you the maximum effects, look for products that contain full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains all parts of the cannabis plant and 0.3% THC. Broad-spectrum CBD contains most compounds from the cannabis plant except THC. And CBD isolates, which contain no other cannabinoids or THC. This means that products with full-spectrum CBD extract have a higher potency than pure CBD alone.

Also keep in mind that skin absorbency is not that strong compared with other mucus membranes (mouth, tongue, stomach). That means that when applying a topical product, it’s best to select one with a high level of CBD to feel its maximum benefits.

How Much to Apply?

When applying CBD balms to the skin, people typically place a small amount of the product on their hands and rub them together to help warm and soften it, making the application method easier. Massage the balm into the required area. Note that you should not apply balm to areas with broken skin.

It is advisable to start with the lowest amount of cream and increase the dose if necessary. Most CBD calm products list the dosage in milligrams (mg). High potency CBD topicals often deliver 8mg per topical application, while those products with low potency deliver about 3mg of CBD.

What Are The Ingredients?

CBD balms are made by infusing CBD into a blend of organic beeswax and regenerating oils of coconut, argan and rosehip, plus essential oils of geranium, eucalyptus and lavender essential oil. Some high-quality CBD products also contain extra pain-relieving natural ingredients like menthol, camphor, and capsaicin that may deliver even more therapeutic effects to the applied area.

CBD Shopy Muscle Rub

If you want to try using a good CBD topical product, you can check out CBD Shopy’s CBD Muscle Rub. It is an effective, deep penetrating muscle balm made from a blend of natural skincare extracts with added CBD. Our in-house muscle balm is packed with all the essential ingredients at an affordable price point. Ingredients include organic coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, castor oil, beeswax, hemp extract, vitamin E oils, lavender, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

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