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Aldi Lacura CBD Skincare Review

Aldi CBD skincare Lacura

CBD has become wildly popular these days and is included or infused in all kinds of products. CBD is a popular ingredient which is often added to other natural ingredients and used as part of many people’s beauty regime.  From cocktails to candles CBD has moved its way into the centre of the wellness industry.  You can now find CBD in many of the world’s beauty and skincare products, making its way into CBD balm, creams and other topicals. CBD is a popular ingredient which is often added to other natural ingredients and used as part of many people’s beauty regimes. 

Aldi has recently brought out its own range of CBD skincare products which, according to the special buys catalogue, became available to buy online and in-store this May. In this article we will be reviewing their products and discussing their safety, value for money and availability. 

What Is CBD Skincare? 

CBD skincare refers to regularly incorporating CBD into your skincare regime either through creams, facial serum or other skincare topical products. CBD is commonly used as a topical in products like CBD muscle balms or CBD creams to help ease muscle or joint pain. 

In recent years CBD has been used in beauty products for its potential healing properties such as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is often used in an attempt to ease or improve symptoms of skin concerns such as inflammation, dryness as well as damage from free radicals. Some people also use it in an attempt to reduce painful acne or reduce sebum production. 

There are some studies that suggest cannabidiol may be an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis, but this still requires some investigation. The product types that come under “CBD skincare” refers more to beauty products than the treatment of skin types that suffer from irritation or eczema. 

What are CBD topicals? 

CBD topicals are a way for you to apply a targeted dose of CBD to a specific part of your body. Some people find this the preferred way to use CBD as it can be applied directly to the source of discomfort. This product type should always be applied to calm skin so as not to cause irritation. 

While CBD is usually well tolerated by the body and is unlikely to cause skin irritation, the other ingredients may cause a reaction to broken or damaged skin. While CBD topical are not often considered a favourite product for a beauty lover, it can be incorporated into your wellness routine. 

Is CBD Skincare just a fad? 

Everyone is looking to make their skin have a healthy glow using products and skin routines that leaves skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You can never really tell if something is going to be a fad until it already is, and this goes for CBD products as well. However, the CBD industry generally as well as the CBD skincare is on the rise and UK customers are remaining interested. 

There is much to learn about the benefits of introducing CBD into skincare with other skin calming ingredients. This hasn’t held back the industry from creating luxury products with a reflective price tag. 

CBD skincare has been called one of the faster-growing industries in the UK which means there are likely more products to come in the future. It’s no surprise that Aldi has launched a second round of skincare products to bring their customers CBD at a cheaper price. 

Lacura CBD Skincare Range

Lacura is Adli’s beauty brand which is famous for its popular product dupes of cult classics. Even the appearance and design of many of the product packaging are meant to replicate brands such as Joe Malone, NARS, and Yves St Laurent. 

Aldi UK has introduced a range of CBD skincare that appears to be the staple of many CBD skincare products. Their collection includes CBD facial cleaners, CBD facial toner, CBD hydrating moisturisers, as well as two different CBD sheet masks. 

While it says in their catalogue that these products will be available to buy online the only product that currently seems to be available is their CBD candle. The candle scent is to help you unwind and relax with 200mg of CBD and a burn time of 35 hours. 

The cleanser (120ml), toner(120ml) and moisturiser (50ml) contain 100mg of CBD while the sheet masks (30mg) have 20mg of CBD.

Other CBD Products At Aldi

Aldi offers some other skincare products with CBD aside from their beauty products. Alongside the candle, you can buy Vitality CBD bath salts which are infused with 100mg of CBD. As topical CBD has some of the lowest percentages of bioavailability, it is hard t see how 100mg of CBD diluted in a bath will do much help. While it may work for some people using CBD in this way means you a reducing your chances of absorbing the CBD into your skin and feeling the benefits. 

Currently, there is no scientific evidence that using CBD in this way will actually do anything.  There may be some additional benefits felt from other minerals in the salts, but experts remain sceptical about the application of CBD in this way. 

Are there any benefits from a CBD candle?

The idea with CBD candles is that create a relaxing atmosphere which can help enhance your mood. Some CBD candles are designed to improve sleep, but this will likely be due to the essential oils or other aromatherapy components added to the candle. 

The Takeaway

While there may be some benefits to the CBD beauty products available in Aldi it is likely to be very minimal and could simply be a result of other beneficial skincare ingredients included in the formula. Something that potential customers should also consider is that third-party lab tests are not readily available for these products. It is important for customers to be able to access these lab results in order to be sure they can trust the product. 

It is important to understand that ma products include CBD but don’t actually have the capacity to provide the benefits people are looking for. In many cases, such as products like CBD candles, it is used to increase the price tag o beauty products on the back of the success of the CBD oil industry success. 

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