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Importance of Lab Testing CBD Oils

CBD tested in a lab

With its rising popularity around the world, Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly becoming a household name. it wasn’t long ago that everything that was connected to cannabis was considered to be bad, and CBD was completely unknown. However, in a short amount of time, we have a growing industry which is offering hope to many people through its ability to interact with the human body, and more and more people are gaining access to a natural product that can really do them good.

With the 1000's of anecdotally reported health benefits of CBD, it is easy to see why it's so popular. But with the emergence of new industries, there always comes a bit of a lapse in regulation. And this is what we are seeing in the CBD industry now.

Since the Farm Bill was passed – allows for the commercial use of CBD – we have seen the market flooded with a wide range of CBD products for sale. Unfortunately, however, not all of these producers are honest and looking out for the well-being of their customers. A lot of CBD buying and selling happens online where it can be more difficult to hold people accountable for what they have sold you, and you often don’t get to try something out before you buy it.

Unscrupulous CBD producers are around, and consumers need to be able to protect themselves if they are buying their CBD.

How do you know what you are buying and how do you know if it’ll be effective?

Well, the answer is in lab testing.

Lab Testing CBD Oils

Any reputable CBD company will be able to give you independent lab testing reports to prove to you exactly what is in that little bottle of goodness. The report will be able to tell you everything that is included, to keep your mind at rest that you are actually getting what you think you are getting.

If you can’t find a lab report, it usually means one of three things:

  1. There is no lab test – in which case avoid this like the plague
  2. The lab test gave results which the manufacturer doesn’t want you to see – usually meaning that there is something nasty in there – and again, avoid like the plague
  3. They have forgotten to publish the lab results – get in touch and ask them to see them in this case!

If you can get the lab report or Certificate of Analysis, there are then a few things that you should check.

  • Firstly, check that it was carried out by an ISO accredited lab. These labs have been approved to carry out CBD testing under their strict guidelines – basically, you know that they can be trusted.
  • Now, have a look at the results of the test. First check for dangerous contaminants. You don’t need to know exactly what to look for, just look for ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ under the ‘status’ column. Avoid buying CBD products if there is any ‘fail’ here.
  • Then check the cannabinoid content matches what it says on the bottle. So, if, for example, you want a 750mg CBD bottle, check that the report also says that it has 750mg of CBD included.
  • CBD is legal in the UK but you need to check that the THC. In the UK, THC is legal, up to a maximum of 1mg per finished product.
  • Next check what other ingredients are included. Is this what you were expecting? Are they all natural ingredients or is it full of chemicals? When you know what else is included, you can decide whether you want to get it.

Now that you know exactly what is in the CBD oil that you are researching, you can decide, given all of the facts, whether it is a quality product or not.

Knowing exactly what is in the CBD product you are thinking about buying is vitally important. A Certificate of Analysis will be able to tell you about all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are included as well as any nasty chemicals, ensuring that you are getting the best and most effective, legitimate CBD product for you

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