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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil UK: Our Top 6 Picks

Charlotte's CBD brand review

Charlotte's Web is perhaps the most famous CBD brand in the states and is highly coveted here in the UK. The company takes its name from its signature hemp strain, itself named after a young girl called Charlotte Figi.

The story of Charlotte’s Web

Thanks to a severe form of childhood epilepsy, five-year-old Charlotte was having up to 300 seizures a week. After her heart stopped several times, her parents started to prepare themselves for the worst. Then they heard about a young boy whose epilepsy had been all but wiped out by an oil extracted from a high-CBD, low-THC strain of hemp.

Charlotte's parents fought to get treatment for Charlotte, who experienced nothing short of a miraculous improvement, which they believed to be the result of taking the CBD oil. Her seizures went from 300 a week to just a handful a month, and she started eating, walking, talking and playing like any healthy little girl her age.

Unfortunately, the family only had access to a small amount of CBD oil. That's where the Stanley brothers came in. Owners of the largest dispensary in their state, the seven brothers had created a similar high-CBD, the low-THC strain of hemp. They'd been waiting for somebody like Charlotte who could benefit from it.

Today, Charlotte is a happy, healthy teenager, and Charlotte's Web is one of the most popular hemp strains in the world. Before we take a look at their top CBD oil products for UK buyers, let's talk a little more about what makes this brand one of our all-time favourites…

A force for social good

For those of us who want to invest in companies that give back, there are few better choices than Charlotte's Web. The company pours their product and sponsorship income into programmes like the Realm of Caring Foundation, which provides CBD oil to children like Charlotte for a bare minimum, federally required donation. As well as various initiatives supporting hemp farmers, Charlotte's Web has also developed programmes for veteran rehabilitation and the economic empowerment of families who have escaped abuse.

Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc., the market leader in CBD hemp extracts wellness products, has also signed an exclusive product distribution arrangement with Savage Cabbage Ltd. in the United Kingdom. One of the first and most reputable CBD businesses in the UK, Savage Cabbage serves a committed and active clientele of health-conscious people.2

Charlotte's Web CEO Jacques Tortoroli stated, "Savage Cabbage has shared similar principles with Charlotte's Web from the beginning, and we are delighted to start growing our presence in the UK market beyond the web." The demand for CBD products continues to rise all over the world, so it is essential that customers understand how CBD products work and the benefits of hemp botanical wellness.

Healthy soil, healthy plants

Charlotte's Web believes that great hemp starts with great soil. Long before any seeds are planted, the soil and water undergo extensive testing by a team of botanists and chemists, who ensure the soil is free of heavy metals and microbial contaminants like yeast, mould and bacteria.

Hand-tended and 100% organic

Charlotte's Web hemp is cultivated using organic, sustainable practices. They hand-turn and weed the soil themselves, and they plant cover crops to naturally enhance the soil quality and fertilise the crops. And rather than using chemical pesticides, they protect the hemp with natural methods like “armies of vicious ladybirds” – the predators of common hemp plant pests.

Unbeatably pure

Once harvested, Charlotte's Web hemp is subject to more than 60 tests to guarantee purity. To cut, the hemp has to be clear of microbes, residual chemicals, heavy metals and anything else that doesn't add to your health. Once it's cleared, nothing is added, leaving an unbeatably pure CBD oil that's gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. You won't even find harmful chemicals in their BPA-free bottles!

Top manufacturing standards

Their commitment to quality and purity has seen Charlotte's Web earn the seal of approval from major organisations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has granted coveted Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, confirming that Charlotte's Web CBD products meet the very highest standards of safety and quality. And to show they go the extra mile for excellence, the company voluntarily applied for third-party GMP certification and achieved an impressive 98.9% audit score.

Full transparency

At CBD Shopy, we're huge advocates for third-party testing and we only support CBD brands that offer full transparency around their results. With lax regulation in the UK, seeing the lab reports is the only way to know for sure what's in your product (and what's not!).

Charlotte's Web is an industry leader when it comes to quality assurance, working with regulatory bodies to push for transparency. They provide a batch number for every CBD purchase and feature a search engine on their website, where you can look up a detailed Certificate of Analysis for your product.

Charlotte's Web boldly claims to be The World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract™, but we think they've got the track record to back it up! Here's our round-up of the best Charlotte's Web CBD products to buy in the UK…

Best-Selling Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Products in the UK

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil


Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is made in labour-intensive small batches for the utmost quality control. Each bottle contains premium Charlotte’s Web hemp extract, a carrier oil, natural flavouring, and that’s it – no additives, preservatives or other artificial nasties.

They refer to their CBD oil as a hemp extract because it’s made with all of the flowering parts of the hemp plant. That means that, as well as CBD, the oil contains the full spectrum of powerful plant compounds. With each drop, you get a bonus hit of beneficial cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC), as well as healthful terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins.

Understanding the strength of your CBD oil is important, but it’s not always straightforward, especially if you’re new to CBD. Thankfully, Charlotte’s Web has made it simple. They’ve renamed their CBD oil according to the strength per dose so you know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting.

Choose from 7mg, 17mg, 50mg and 60mg CBD/ml, in four delicious flavours: mint chocolate, olive oil, orange blossom and lemon twist. If you’re new to CBD, choose the 7mg and work your way up slowly. If you’re a more experienced customer, the 50mg and 60mg bottles provide an ultra-high dose to give you the maximum benefits of CBD.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Liquid Capsules


CW CBD Oil Capsules

Just like the oil, the CBD capsules contain the premium Charlotte's Web full-spectrum hemp extract, along with all of its beneficial phytochemicals. They also come with the added benefit of exact dosage, portability, and no strong hemp taste. Wherever you are, you can simply pop a capsule and get your desired dose with no mess and no measuring.

The hemp oil is blended with organic extra virgin olive oil and packaged into hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules. HPMC is a clean material that contains no gelatin, glycerine, carrageenan or sorbitol, unlike the popular soft gels used by some brands. That makes Charlotte's Web CBD capsules 100% gluten-free, vegan, kosher and allergen-free.

Unlike CBD oil, CBD capsules have to pass through your liver and digestive system to get to your bloodstream. Because of this, CBD capsules take a little longer to act and you don't absorb quite as much CBD. On the other hand, this means CBD capsules are perfect for slow release and long-lasting action.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies -- Calm

Gummies are the tastiest way to get the everyday benefits of CBD. Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies range packs all of the power of their signature hemp extract into delicious, tasty little chews, each with an added boost of botanical goodness.

CW Gummies Calm

The Calm CBD gummies are designed to support relaxation and create a feeling of well-being. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, 50mg of an amino acid called L-theanine, and 75mg of a herb called lemon balm. Both L-theanine and lemon balm are believed to have relaxing properties and may soothe anxiety, reduce stress, and calm the nervous system.

Research into the benefits is still ongoing, but Charlotte's Web customers rate the Calm gummies highly and claim that they feel relaxed, de-stressed and well-rested after taking them. They also love the taste, created with delicious natural fruit and vegetable flavourings, and the convenience of the measured dosage and travel-friendly format.

You can take your Calm CBD gummies with you on the go and simply pop one of these delicious little chews whenever you feel stress getting the better of you!

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies -- Recovery

CW Gummies Recovery

Another one of our favourites from Charlotte's Web gummies range, the Recovery CBD gummies are designed to support joint health, joint strength, and quick recovery from the demands of exercise.

Packing all the powerful plant-based benefits of Charlotte's Web hemp extract, these little chews contain 10mg of CBD, 50mg of turmeric-derived curcuminoids, and up to 50mg of ginger per serving.

Turmeric is a strong antioxidant and has been used for centuries to combat inflammation, making it a staple in modern health supplements. Ginger is also believed to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and is thought to support the joints and relieve muscle soreness.

Again, research is needed to confirm the benefits of this combo, but impartial reviews show customers singing the praises of the Recovery blend. Effectiveness and convenience both get a mention, but it's the taste that seems to stand out, with customers raving about the delicious herbal flavour.


Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies -- Sleep

Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies is perfect for people having trouble falling or staying asleep. The sleep gummies are made with full-spectrum hemp extract and each serving has 10 mg of hemp extract and 3 mg of melatonin to help you drift off to sleep.

Not only are raspberries tasty, but they also contain a lot of melatonin. Your healthy and regular sleep cycles depend on this hormone. Your body naturally makes melatonin in reaction to light conditions (it increases in the evening), but if you aren't regularly exposed to sunlight, alternate factors can assist. Raspberries are one of the greatest sources since one gramme of them contains 387 nanograms of melatonin.

Additionally, these delightful little treats provide a lot of vitamin C. According to recent studies, those who are deficient in this vitamin have a propensity to sleep less and wake up more frequently at night.

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies -- Immunity

CBD provides relief from daily stressors and promotes healthy sleep cycles. Charlottes's Web Immunity Gummies support your immune system by combining 10mg of CBD, Astragalus, Vitamin C from organic acerola extract, and vegan Vitamin D3. To promote overall wellbeing in a naturally delicious Lemon Berry gummy, this potent trio is combined with full-spectrum hemp extract.

Astragalus is a plant that has long been used to support immunological function. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that aids in preventing free radical oxidation in cells and promotes healthy immunological function. Vegan vitamin D also strengthens the immune system and is necessary for total wellbeing.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm with CBD

CW Hemp-Infused Balm
This rich CBD balm is ideal for targeting problem areas and complaints like irritation and inflammation. As well as the signature Charlotte's Web hemp, the formula is packed with all-natural, organic botanicals, essential oils and vitamins known for their skin-nourishing effects. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Apricot kernel oil – a non-greasy emollient known to soften skin.
  • Shea butter – a rich anti-inflammatory to condition and tone.
  • Vitamin E – a powerful anti-oxidant that protects against skin damage.
  • Menthol – for soothing the skin and cooling inflammation.
  • Cinnamon – for calming and nourishing dry skin.
  • Beeswax – for sealing in moisture without clogging the pores.
  • Coconut oil – for fighting bacteria and locking in moisture.
  • Jojoba seed oil – an anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and dryness.
  • Clove flower – a known antibacterial that keeps skin clear and fresh.
  • Horse mint leaf oil – for soothing inflammation and itching.

You won’t find any synthetic fragrances inside your BPA-free packaging; the divine smell comes entirely from the organic botanicals, essential oils and butters. And if eco-friendly beauty is a priority for you, rest assured that all of the ingredients are sustainably grown, non-GMO, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Charlotte’s Web CBD balm comes in 0.5oz or 1.5oz tins, and each delivers 300mg of hemp extract per ounce.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD


Last but not least on our list of top CBD products, Charlotte's Web Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD is perfect for daily skin softening.

CW Hemp-Infused Cream
Both the natural and scented versions contain many of the same star ingredients as the CBD balm, like vitamin E, coconut oil, apricot kernel seed oil and shea butter. They also come with some fabulously nourishing added extras like:

  • Aloe leaf juice – an intensely hydrating, cooling source of anti-oxidants and vitamins.
  • Vitamin B5 – helps the skin to draw in moisture.
  • Safflower olesomes – provides essential lipids to boost the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Lactobacillus ferment – a skin-nourishing source of antibacterial peptides.
  • Mango seed butter – a rich source of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
  • Coconut fruit extract – for detoxifying the skin and soothing inflammation.
  • Turmeric root extract – a powerful anti-inflammatory with protective effects.
  • Arnica flower extract – known for its healing properties.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to opt for the gentler unscented version, free of the more potent ingredients like menthol and cinnamon. Don’t worry though – with all of the delicious essential oils and botanicals packed into each tube, the unscented smells just as fantastic as the scented version!

Charlotte’s Web CBD cream comes in a 2.5oz tube with 300mg of hemp extract per ounce.

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