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Trip CBD Oil Review

Trip CBD Oil Brand Review

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that plays a crucial role in regulating bodily functions. Trip CBD was founded in 2019 and is becoming one of the UK’s leading premium CBD brands dedicated to sharing only the highest quality CBD products to fit into your lifestyle and to find calm amidst the everyday chaos. Their products include CBD-infused soft drinks, CBD oils, and CBD-infused cold brew coffee.

Trip uses CBD derived from the hemp plant and their products are infused with potent natural botanicals to aid digestion, immunity, and stress relief. Trip tests their Trip drinks and Trip oils in a third-party lab test to ensure that they are THC-free and of the highest quality and purity. Here are the pros and cons of Trip CBD.


  • Gluten-free
  • Palm-oil free
  • THC-free
  • Vegan
  • Easy to administer and accessible
  • Great flavours
  • Packed with natural adaptogens
  • Many different types of products are available


  • Bad customer service 
  • Bad tracking service
  • Little to no mention of possible adverse effects

Trip Review: Assessment Points

You can buy the best CBD products by clearly understanding why you’re purchasing it. When choosing CBD products, you should take into consideration these important points including the source of CBD, the reputation of the manufacturer, how the hemp is farmed to know if the CBD was grown or produced without the use of pesticides, how the CBD products are created, as well as focusing on the safety and purity of CBD products. 

White label or direct manufacturer


Fortunately, Trip is a direct manufacturer of CBD and their CBD is sourced from hemp farms in Europe. Their manufacturing facilities are based in the UK as well.

ISO Certified


Organisations with an ISO certification work to a prescribed set of requirements. They will have processes, procedures, and policies in place to create an environment that produces a consistent set of outputs. However, there is no legal requirement to have an ISO certification.

Trip CBD is not ISO certified yet. This might be a problem for some customers as this can determine if the products are of high quality.



Choosing an organic CBD oil without additives is important because it indicates that a product is both safe to use and better for the environment. CBD extracted from organic hemp is also more likely to be free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful toxins.

Trip’s CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp which means that they are grown without the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Strain of hemp


Trip CBD uses the same strain for their CBD products. Using multiple strains of hemp can affect the level of CBD from product to product, whereas using only a single type of hemp will provide a more predictable level of CBD and other cannabinoids.



Trip’s CBD oils are made from organic hemp in Europe and also made with premium CBD, MCT oil extracted from coconuts before being combined with natural botanicals such as chamomile. Similar to other CBD products, Trip’s CBD also contains other ingredients for added taste, consistency, and other health benefits. Trip CBD oils range in two flavours: orange and wild mint. Both flavoured oils contain broad-spectrum CBD oil.  

Lab tests


Third-party lab testing is when a manufacturing company sends its product to an outside unbiased lab for testing to see if it meets the standards of the company, and to ensure that what is on the label is actually inside the product.

Trip’s CBD products have been third-party lab tested to ensure that they are THC-free and of the highest quality and purity. Their products are also gluten-free, palm-oil free, vegan, and packed with natural adaptogens. 



Trip can be contacted through their email address, Instagram account, and phone number. However, a lot of Trip customers have reported bad customer service and claim that the company does not respond to emails.  

Customer Feedback


Probably the most important thing to consider when you want to buy CBD products is customer feedback. On Trustpilot, Trip CBD currently has a rating of 3.1 or 3 out of 5 stars. 50% of the 14 reviews said that the products are excellent, 7% rated them as great while 43% rated them as bad due to the poor customer service. On the reviews section of their main website, they have a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Trip Products Review

Voted by Grazia as the ‘UK’s BEST CBD OIL’, and the UK’s top favourite CBD drinks, The company offers Trip CBD oil as well as Trip CBD drinks that claim to leave customers feeling more relaxed. 

Trip provides THC-free CBD formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract containing the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that work together with CBD. Their products contain coconut MCT oil to help the body absorb CBD. Additionally, Trip’s products are unique for not having a bitter taste and containing other beneficial plant-based ingredients such as chamomile and L-theanine.

Trip Chamomile 300mg

Product Prices: 

Trip Wild Mint or Trip Orange Blossom CBD Oil 300 mg £26 £0.087
Trip Wild Mint or Trip Orange Blossom CBD Oil 1000mg £49 £0.049

Trip CBD stands up very well when it comes to prices. We sell their CBD oils for £26 (300mg) and £49 (1000mg) for a one-time purchase. For a 2-month subscription, you can get their CBD oils for £24.70/month and £46.55/month, with a minimum of 2 months subscription, which is much more affordable than other brands selling CBD oils in the UK with prices ranging from £64.99-£219.99     

Product Packaging:

Trip CBD products are packed in sweet, candy-coloured packaging, detailed with cool, line drawings. Their CBD trip drinks are packed in coloured bottles that look chic and minimalist, with their own tagline - “Take a TRIP to find your calm” which makes them very appealing to a millennial and Gen Z audience. 

Trip Website Review


Trip’s website is very easy to navigate. The products are organized well and the font that they used is big so words are easily seen. The main page also shows what products are the best selling, new and limited. The colours they used for their website are soft and candy-coloured. They have also a very comprehensive and informative blog where you can see the different ways you can take CBD, and its overall health benefits, along with detailed information on how it can affect you depending on how you want to take it. They also provide links for their social media accounts, and student, key workers and youth discounts. 


Trip manages to keep things clear and simple but very fun to read. Their tone is very quirky and fun which would be very appealing to the youth since that’s mainly their target market. Their tone doesn’t sound very serious but very conversational.


Trip offers a wide range of offers and discounts available. They offer the “Give £5, Get £5” wherein you can refer Trip products to a friend by signing up on their website then they will provide you with a referral link. They also have exclusive group discounts wherein customers ages 18-25, key workers, and healthcare providers are given 20% off by providing the necessary details to verify their status. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get their latest offers.

CBD Shopy Conclusion

Trip offers products with CBD that are packed with natural adaptogens, vegan, THC-free, palm oil-free, and gluten-free. Their CBD products are made with organically grown hemp and packed with all the potential benefits you can get from taking CBD-infused products. They have great flavours that appeal not only to adults but to the youth as well.

However, Trip does not have an ISO certification yet, and this might be a problem for some customers as this is one of the things that they look at first when buying products that have potential adverse effects like CBD. Also, their customer service is not one of the best. Some reviews mention how they don’t answer customer emails and this can leave customers with a bad experience.

Overall, Trip is a very good brand and it’s really worth the hype. Taking a daily dose of CBD will not only to adults experiencing health issues but also the youth who want to improve their sleep, make them calm, and just improve their overall wellness. The flavours taste amazing and their branding is very new, fun, and appealing to customers of all ages.

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