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Love CBD Review

Love CBD  Review

Love CBD is one of the UK’s most trusted CBD brands. They launched in 2014 and feature an impressive range of items across various strengths of CBD (cannabidiol). But should you trust them with your CBD purchases? Using a combination of research, interviews and product testing, we take a comprehensive look at the most important aspects of this successful CBD company.


✅ Direct manufacturer
✅ Lab test results available
✅ Organic
✅ Trade Associations member


❌ Single hemp strain
❌ Own farms
❌ ISO certified labs

Love CBD Review: Assessment Points

We’ve selected some of the most important criteria to be aware of when choosing a CBD brand. These factors relate to how the hemp is farmed and how the CBD products are created by the company, with a focus on safety and a lack of contaminants.

Information about the manufacturing process is incredibly important when it comes to CBD. If a company cuts corners when growing CBD or making their products, then the end result could be poor quality CBD items that could even prove dangerous to your health.

White label or direct manufacturer

Love CBD are a direct manufacturer. The hemp extract is shipped from EU farms to their lab in Suffolk for production.

White labelling is where a business simply sticks its label on products made by an outside company. In general, white label CBD businesses should be avoided as they often have little interest in CBD itself, and merely see it as a trend to cash in on.

ISO certified

ISO certification tells you about the quality standards of the manufacturing facility or laboratory used to create CBD products. Unfortunately, Love CBD’s facilities are not ISO certified, although they tell us that they adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), in line with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines for food manufacturing.


When it comes to hemp, organic farming is always best. This reduces the risk of contaminants or other unpleasant elements being introduced to the end product. Love CBD told us that their hemp is sourced from all over Europe, and while it isn’t certified organic, they only use hemp grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. Love CBD provide lab tests for each product which can be used to verify this claim.

Same strain of hemp

We asked Love CBD whether they use the same kind of hemp in every batch when it comes to their CBD products. Using the same strain means the CBD product will be more reliable when it comes to the quality and results of the CBD. Love CBD told us they combine multiple strains in their products, with the reasoning that combining strains increases the ‘entourage effect’ and overall profile of terpenes, cannabinoids and other compounds found in the hemp plant.

We have been unable to determine if they use the same combination of ‘multiple strains’ in each product batch. This would be a positive as it would more likely result in a more consistent end product. We are awaiting comment from LoveCBD.


The CBD capsules sold by Love CBD are made with lactose friendly vegetable capsules - no gelatin, which should appeal to any vegetarian or vegan CBD users. They contain cannabis extract and coconut oil only. Similarly, the sprays include only cannabis extract and olive oil (the entourage sprays also include terpenes). The CBD balms include coconut oil and shea butter, along with scents such as rosemary and vanilla planifolia.

Lab tests

Every item in their shop section links to a certificate of analysis, showing how much CBD is in the product. Love CBD also show results for THC, CBDa, CBG and other common cannabinoids found within hemp so you know exactly what you’re getting. For peace of mind, they also test for heavy metals, pesticides and other unwanted substances.


In the main, Love CBD are quite good on this front. They reply to the majority of comments on their social media pages in a friendly and informative manner, always keeping to MHRA guidelines. Their website is full of useful information, and they make an effort to explain confusing topics in an easy-to-understand manner, without dumbing down.

We reached out to speak to them for the purposes of this review, and while they were happy to complete our initial questionnaire, they were somewhat reluctant to speak on the phone for a more detailed conversation. This could be due to time constraints or simply that they were busy, but as we’re speaking on behalf of the consumer this came as something of a disappointment.

Customer Feedback

Obviously, one of the key criteria for any business is whether the customer is happy with their services. This is even more important with CBD, as strict guidelines in the UK mean customer feedback is one of the few methods of establishing how effective their products are, not to mention how they treat the consumer. Sadly, the UK CBD industry has become a prime target for con artists so customer feedback is a key method of separating the legitimate vendors from the fraudsters.

Love CBD do very well on this front. Their Trustpilot page has thousands of user-sourced reviews, with 96% saying they rate the company as excellent or great. Just 1% say they have had a bad experience with Love CBD. This is mirrored, albeit to a smaller degree on their Facebook page. Here, they are rated an impressive 4.9 out of 5, with dozens of positive reports from customers, praising everything from delivery time to the effects on their life. When it comes to customer reviews, Love CBD score very highly indeed.

Love CBD Products Review

Love CBD Products Review

Product Range - Love CBD offer a wide range of CBD products, including sprays, capsules, e-juice and balms. The e-juice comes in a choice of sativa or indica strains, both containing 250mg CBD in a 10ml bottle and including terpenes in a ratio designed to replicate that specific type of cannabis. When it comes to the sprays, you’ll find a wide range of CBD strengths, starting from 150mg per 20ml bottle, going all the way up to 2000mg (seemingly the strongest available in the UK). With the capsules, you can choose from pots which contain 5mg, 10mg or 20mg CBD per capsule.

*Products & prices were accurate at time of writing. These lists are updated quarterly & CBD Shopy is not responsible for any price changes not reflected accurately.

Product Prices - Love CBD aren’t the cheapest CBD business in the UK, but nor are they the most expensive. The lower strengths, such as 250mg, can be found cheaper elsewhere, but the price per mg of CBD becomes more appealing when looking at the more expensive products, such as the 2000mg entourage oil spray. However, the Love CBD sprays come in 20ml bottles, while other companies often sell their oils in 10ml bottles. The respective CBD content is the same, but the larger bottles would likely last longer. Similarly, the balm falls in the middle of the usual prices. It’s much better value than the 50mg CBD 50ml tin offered by Holland & Barrett, but elsewhere online we found a 500mg CBD 30g tin for almost half the price of Love CBD’s 300mg CBD 30g tin. When it comes to the price of CBD, Love CBD products start at 6p per mg of CBD for the cheaper items, reducing to 5p per mg of CBD for the more expensive products.

Product Packaging - The packaging of Love CBD products is clear and simple, without resorting to gaudy ‘cannabis’ related imagery. They give the impression of a professional, organic product. They recently made the decision to replace droppers with sprays - this is to be praised. A spray can be more accurate than a dropper, plus less messy and less prone to leakage.

The high-quality of standards behind Love CBD's product range have earned them a spot on all 3 of our top CBD products list.

Love CBD Website Review

Love CBD Website Review

Content - Love CBD’s website is a pleasure to use. It’s simple to navigate, featuring everything you want to know and easily accessed. Reassuringly, they stay well within MHRA guidelines and have taken down user reviews for this very reason. They make no bogus claims but state very clearly the CBD content of each product, including how much CBD is in each spray, to two decimal points. Each product contains clear instructions as to how it should be used, and precisely what ingredients are in each product.

Tone - The tone is clear and simple, without dumbing down, and they steer clear of any ‘weed-related’ jargon. The overall impression is of a professional and helpful website, without attempting to appear too ‘medical’. The FAQ covers practically every question the average user would want to know, including advice about taking CBD overseas and whether their products are posted discreetly.

Offers - Love CBD offer an appealing points system, where the more you spend on their products, the more points you earn, which you can use for discounts on future orders.

Love CBD Company Background

Love CBD Logo

Who are Love CBD? - Formed in 2014, Love CBD are a family-run company based in Suffolk, England. They state their goal is to “bring the highest quality CBD oil to the British public” and say they are “focused on sourcing exceptional cannabis extracts, and formulating them into unique CBD products”.

Trade bodies - They’re a founder member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), a trade association that works with the UK government on establishing good practice when it comes to legal cannabis and hemp products in the UK.

USP - We asked Love CBD what separates their brand from the hundreds of other CBD companies on the market. They replied “Our products focus on a natural approach, with no gimmicks or novelties - just simple and honest. We were founded in 2014 and were one of the first CBD brands in the UK. We have built a loyal following and reputation, with our products being stocked all over the UK and Europe too.”

CBD Shopy Conclusion

It’s easy to see why Love CBD are one of the UK’s leading CBD companies. They are a professional family-run outfit that place the customer front and centre of their operation. They have an impressive online presence, with many happy followers, and take the time and effort to respond to most of their customer’s queries in a friendly manner. Their website is easy to use yet contains a large amount of useful information, all explained clearly and simply for the average reader to understand while adhering to MHRA guidelines. They stock a wide range of products in a variety of strengths, and seem to be the perfect place to go for high quality CBD products.

However, they aren’t perfect. The prices are on the high side, when compared to some other online brands - although they are much better than some CBD products available on the high-street. The manufacturing process comes up lacking in some respects, such as a lack of ISO certified facilities and the fact that their hemp isn’t organic.

Overall, the customer is king and, in the main, Love CBD’s customers are enormously happy with their products and the way they treat them. If you want to buy CBD from a reliable source, with what seems to be a genuine love for and knowledge of CBD, Love CBD are a solid choice. However, it’s important to note that Love CBD could do better on the manufacturing front, not to mention that equivalent CBD products can be found cheaper elsewhere.

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