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CBD Cookies - All you need to know

CBD Cookies

What are CBD Cookies?

CBD Cookies are cookies infused with CBD Oil. CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants and contains no THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. CBD Cookies will be from full-spectrum cbd oil, spectrum or CBD isolate. Which CBD cookie you choose will be dependant on your preference

CBD Cookies are a discreet form of CBD edible much in the same way as CBD gummies or other cbd edibles. They are easy to consume on the go and without fear of judgement. This makes CBD cookies one of the more enticing ways to costume your daily allowance of CBD

What are the benefits of CBD Cookies

Minimal odor CBD

Due to the process in making CBD cookies generally the CBD odour is masked by the smell of the cookie so in comparison to other forms of CBD edibles they can be more appealing, especially when consuming in a busy or public setting

Health benefits

Much like other CBD products the offer a health benefit which varies form person to person. We have covered CBD benefits before in articles such as CBD oil benefits. This gives a good example of the types of benefits you can expect from CBD cookies

Discreet way of taking CBD

CBD Cookies can be especially discreet and easy to consume, moreover they are easy to transport without fear.

Can CBD Cookies Make You High?

In summary no CBD cookies cannot make you high

CBD is one of many compounds found in cannabis, and it doesn’t contain the intoxicating compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While CBD is often touted as having therapeutic benefits, some people still worry that consuming CBD could lead to adverse reactions like anxiety or paranoia. To prove otherwise, we tested several popular CBD cookies. We can confirm none of the products made us high.

No THC in CBD Cookies means you won't be getting high, just make sure they are THC free. To be safe ensure you check the lab reports and order from a recognised supplier.

How many should I have?

CBD dosage will differ from person to person, their weight, height, tolerance will all need to be taken into account. As a rule of thumb though we recommend 1 CBD cookie per day.

One cookie will usually contain between 10mg- 25mg CBD – the FSA maximum daily dose of CBD is 70mg. Following this guidance, you can then manage daily dosage based on what works best for you.

We would not recommend eating more than 2 cookies in a 24 hour period.

Which Cookie should I choose?

The market leader for CBD Cookies is NatureCan. There you can buy a box of 24 month cookies which is almost 1 months supply and contains 25mg of CBD per cookie.

CBD FX also offer a large range of CBD cookies

Finally whilst not quite a cookie Nooro bars offer a CBD edible solution

What other CBD Edibles can I buy?

CBD edibles usually come in the form of CBD gummies, CBD bars, CBD cookies and CBD capsules. We offer all differing options on the CBDShopy website for you to choose form.

CBD cookies vs CBD Gummies

Wether to use CBD cookies or CBD Gummies comes down to preference. If you prefer a gummy then that will be the choice for you, if you prefer a cookie then that will be the choice for you.

Both products will contain around 20-25mg of CBD per edible and have the same benefits so it's really a user preference

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