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Access CBD - Company Review

Access CBD brand review

Access CBD is the newest brand launched by British Cannabis. The company was founded in 2015 to provide high-quality, British-made CBD to a market in the UK that was still developing and mostly comprised of imported brands. The company began its journey with a few thousand pounds in startup capital and a small office in Berkshire, United Kingdom. Eventually, this path would take them to pioneer the CBD industry and create the rigorous standards that are now shared by all compliant CBD UK products.


  • Broad-spectrum products
  • THC-free
  • Vegan
  • MCT carrier oil
  • Naturally-flavoured
  • 100% natural alcohol-based extraction method
  • Incredibly low price
  • Pleasant taste
  • Great delivery service
  • Third-party lab results can be accessed by using a QR code


  • Not very potent
  • No information found on their ISO certification

Access CBD Review: Assessment Points

When purchasing CBD products, you should consider several critical factors, such as the sourcing of the CBD, the manufacturer's reputation, the method used to grow the hemp to determine whether the CBD was made without the use of pesticides, the method used to develop the CBD products, and the safety and purity of the CBD itself.

How are they manufactured?

Access CBD uses alcohol-based extraction to extract cannabinoids from hemp. They combine several cannabis extracts that contain a broad plant spectrum of cannabis phytochemicals suspended in an MCT (coconut) carrier oil that has been enhanced with additional flavours that are generated organically.

Thanks to their close ties to British Cannabis, they have complete control over every stage of the growing and manufacture of all their oils. This allows them to produce high-quality products for a lot less money than most other companies.

Are they ISO Certified?

An ISO certification ensures that a management system, manufacturing method, service, or documentation method meets the necessary standards and quality assurance measures. The manufacturing process's legitimacy is supported by ISO certification.

Unfortunately, there's no information found on the ISO certification of Access CBD.

Organic Hemp

It's important to choose CBD products made from organic hemp to guarantee that they are free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, safe for human consumption, and healthy for the environment.

Access CBD uses organically grown hemp in their R&D farm in Portugal.

Strain of Hemp

Each type of cannabis or hemp includes unique flavonoids, natural hemp terpenes, and cannabinoids that have various effects on your body and mind. Using several strains of hemp can affect the level of CBD of the products, whereas using a single strain of hemp delivers a more predictable quantity of CBD.

Access CBD’s products are made from a single strain, Sativa.


Access CBD's products contain CBD (Cannabidiol), MCT oil, and natural flavourings, made with real cannabis terpenes. They also use MCT oil instead of hemp seed oil in the production of their products since it has a better flavour.

Access CBD products are naturally flavoured by combining several cannabis oil extracts, which include a wide range of cannabis phytochemicals, and then enhancing them with additional flavours that are sourced from natural sources. They have developed citrus and berry-flavoured oils for those of you who do not enjoy the flavour of CBD.

Lab tests

British Cannabis Labs conducts accuracy and purity tests for Access CBD products. Results are available for each batch of Access CBD oils and you can follow the link on the product page or scan the bottle’s QR code.

The landing page includes the certificate, a video of your batch leaving the production line, instant access to all relevant UK regulatory documents, and helpful annotations to help you understand the results.


You may contact Access CBD via their contact form, or you can reach them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You may also reach them by email, or phone at 0203 9652 420. Their CBD specialists are available from Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Customer Feedback

You should read customer reviews before buying CBD products to help you decide whether the purchase is worthwhile.

Access CBD currently has a 4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot rating. 90% of the 3,980 total reviews awarded them excellent ratings; 7% gave them great ratings; 1% gave them good ratings; 1% gave them fair ratings, and the last 1% gave them bad ratings.

Access CBD Products Review

Access CBD was created to be the most affordable CBD brand in the UK. As the name implies, they want to make cannabidiol much more affordable so that everyone can ‘access CBD'’. They make high-quality, delicious CBD oil at an amazing price that is 70% less than the current rate on the market.

All of their top-selling CBD products are also organically flavoured with natural fruit flavours and terpenes from actual cannabis. They meticulously choose hundreds of distinctive cannabis components to create CBD oil flavours that are unmatched.

Product Prices

Access CBD offers CBD oil products, CBD Vape oil and CBD gummies.

Their CBD oils come in 30-ml bottles with strengths ranging from 600 mg for £12.99 to 1200 mg for £18.99 to 2400 mg for £29.99 to 4800 mg for £49.99.

You might also be interested in their CBD gummies. They charge £7.99 for a bag containing 250mg of CBD gummies with a citrus flavour, £24.99 for four pouches, and £29.99 for six pouches.

Product Packaging

The company uses relatively straightforward product packaging. Each comes with a unique QR code that gives you access to lab results and full regulatory compliance documentation. The container is also simple to use and has a spray nozzle and cap that stops leakage.


Access CBD offers free delivery on all orders over £20. They also offer a free CBD gift set worth £100 when you spend £60 or more.

CBD Shopy Conclusion

If you regularly consume CBD or are considering doing so, you might want to look into Access CBD. They offer excellent products at the best cost.

Although the products are not as strong as the other brands, this is not always a bad thing. You are offered four strengths and a price tag that allows you to raise your dose without increasing your outgoings. We usually advise starting with the lowest strength of CBD if you are new to it and working your way up; the key is to pay attention to your body's reaction.

In addition, 10% of their total sales are donated to a charity of their choosing.

You may visit CBD Shopy to see some of the best CBD products currently available.

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