UK’s Best CBD Capsules You Can Buy in 2019


More and more people are learning about the amazing health benefits of CBD – the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. What you probably didn’t know, however, is that the UK has one of the most developed CBD industries in the world.

Unlike the case for many countries, CBD has been legal in the UK without a prescription for many years. This is all thanks to laws allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp – cannabis plants that contain 0.2% or less of the mind-altering cannabinoid THC.

As such, the CBD market in the UK offers a wide range of high-quality, domestically-crafted products. But while most people turn to CBD oil as their preferred form of CBD, capsules offer another convenient option.

What are CBD capsules?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. This makes CBD ideal for people looking to get all the health benefits of cannabis without the mind-altering effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is safe and has a wide range of health and wellness benefits.

CBD can be taken in a variety of forms, including CBD oil, capsules, edibles, isolates, creams, and vape e-liquids. Although it is most commonly sold in the form of CBD oil that you place under the tongue, it can also be taken in the form of capsules and softgels.

These capsules typically contain the same hemp oil as the kind used in CBD oil tinctures. CBD capsules are less popular than oil since they have to pass through the digestive tract, which greatly reduces CBD’s bioavailability (absorption).

Because of this, CBD capsules are not as potent as CBD oils and other forms of CBD, such as vape e-liquids. In addition, the effects of CBD capsules take longer to be felt.

However, capsules have two key advantages over other ways of taking CBD. First of all, CBD capsules are the most convenient way to take CBD. You know exactly how much CBD you are taking with capsules and don’t require any extra steps like holding oil under the tongue or vaping. You simply take the capsules with water, like you would with most supplements, and wait for the effects to kick in.

In addition, CBD capsules tend to have the longest duration of effects, and can last for up to eight hours or longer.

Like other forms of CBD, capsules work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system uses cannabinoids produced in the human body and those outside of it to maintain homeostasis – a healthy state of balance. The ECS is known to regulate everything from appetite to immune function.

9 Best CBD Capsules in UK

Much like the American market, the CBD market in the UK is filled with dozens of brands offering a wide range of CBD products for sale online. But which ones are worth your time?

At a time when the CBD industry is still young and new companies are constantly appearing, it can be difficult to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality brands.

Therefore we put together this list of the seven best CBD capsules you can buy online in the UK. This list is based on several criteria:

  • Quality of the hemp used to source the CBD
  • The extraction methods used
  • Independent third-party lab testing
  • The extent to which the product is manufactured in the UK
  • Reviews, customer feedback, and customer service
  • Lawfulness (complies with hemp/CBD laws)
  • Price per mg of CBD

Quick Value Comparison

CBD CapsuleStrength (MG)Price (£)AVG. Price/mg CBDTrustPilot Reviews
Love CBD Entourage CBD Capsules600 - 120034.99 - 59.990.054Excellent (3,000+ reviews)
Hempura Capsules30019.950.067Excellent (233+ reviews)
CBD Life CBD+CBDa Capsules75049.950.067Excellent (84+ Reviews)
Advance Biotech Natural CBD Capsules infused with Turmeric & Black Pepper315220.07Excellent (42+ reviews)
Advance Biotech Natural CBD Capsules63028.000.044Excellent (42+ reviews)
Canabidol CBD Gel-Tabs100 - 100017.99 - 69.990.079Excellent (288+ reviews)
Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules + Turmeric30040.000.133Great (1 review)
Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules45049.990.11Great (1 review)
Canabidol CBD Cacao-Tabs 100 - 50019.990.096Excellent (288+ reviews)
  1. Love CBD Entourage (600mg) £34.99 & (1200mg) £59.99

    Love CBD Entourage CBD CapsulesLove CBD’s Entourage capsules are another high-quality, full-spectrum CBD option with a unique twist – high cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) content. CBDa is another type of cannabinoid that has its own health and wellness benefits. The Love CBD entourage range comes in two strengths, 1200mg and 600mg and sit on our best list 2 and 3 respectively. We’ve given preference to the 1200mg capsules as they offer the strongest capsule in our list at a very reasonable per mg CBD price. 

    For the 1200mg capsules, there are 60 capsules and each capsule contain 20mg of CBD and CBDa. The 600mg capsules contain half the CBD and CBDa content at 10mg per capsule. Both are accompanied by smaller amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

    In this way, these hemp oil capsules are specifically designed to make the most of the entourage effect – the fact that cannabinoid compounds work better when taken together rather than CBD taken on its own.

    The hemp used for these capsules is sourced from hemp plants grown in the Netherlands, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, so you know exactly where your product came from. These plants are grown organically, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilisers.

    Each batch of Love CBD capsules is tested by a third-party lab with the results available on their website. These tests ensure the safety and potency of the capsules and prove that they contain high levels of not just CBD but also CBDA.

    About Love CBD

    Love CBD is a family-run CBD business based in the UK. Launched in 2014, it is among the most established and popular British CBD companies. They offer an innovative range of CBD products for sale, including oil tinctures and sprays, capsules, and balms.

    Love CBD was made with the intention of making high-quality CBD products available to the British public. To that end, the brand works together with European cultivators who grow hemp that is specifically designed to be made into CBD oil and other CBD products rather than industrial uses.

    Love CBD Entourage Capsules best bits

      • Unique formula that contains high levels of CBDa
      • Local UK family-run business
      • Full-spectrum product
      • Vegan-friendly
      • Potency and safety verified by third-party lab tests
      • Organically grown hemp
      • Excellent 5-Star TrustPilot Rating (3,000+ Reviews)

    Buy Love CBD Entourage Capsules

  2. Hempura Hemp CBD Capsules (300mg) £19.99

    Hempura Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules Hempura’s hemp CBD capsules are among the most popular in the UK, and for good reason. It is made from organic hemp grown in Eastern Europe, which undergoes CO2 extraction to isolate CBD and all other beneficial cannabis compounds without damaging them. In addition, Hempura uses a unique ultra-filtration process to further enhance the potency of their hemp extracts.

    Each Hempura hemp capsule contains 10 mg of CBD alongside the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in cannabis, making full use of the entourage effect. There is a total of 30 capsules per box for a total of 300 mg CBD.

    The capsules contain very low levels of THC (<0.05%), making them both legal and non-intoxicating. In addition, the capsule shells themselves are made from vegetable cellulose, which means they are vegetarian-friendly.

    Hempura also provides independent third-party lab results of all their products, which can be looked up by using your product batch code. These results verify the safety and potency of their capsules and other CBD products.

    Quality aside, Hempura also provides a high level of customer service, demonstrated by high customer ratings and ease of refunds and re-shipping.

    About Hempura

    Launched in 2017, Hempura is one of the most respected CBD brands in the UK. They offer a wide range of high-quality CBD products for sale, including oil, capsules, vape e-liquid, and dissolvable tabs.

    Hempura is particularly known for their amazing customers service. They have high review ratings, and offer refunds and re-shipping if customers have even the smallest issue.

    In addition, Hempura proves their commitment to safety and quality by sourcing organic European hemp, using CO2 extraction, and providing third-party lab results of their products.

    Hempura Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules best bits

    • Vegetarian-friendly
    • Sourced from organically-grown hemp
    • Potency and safety verified by third-party lab tests
    • Full-spectrum product
    • No more than 0.05% THC
    • High-quality CO2 extraction process
    • Additional ultra-filtration process

    Buy Hempura Full-Spectrum Hemp Capsules

  3. CBD Life Hemp Oil Capsules (750mg) £49.95

    CBD Life Hemp Oil Capsules 750mgCBD Life are one of the top brands for CBD in the UK and their CBD capsules certainly deliver. The bottle comes with a total of 750mg of CBD and 25mg per capsule, making them the most potent capsule on our list. They are also reasonably priced per mg of CBD on offer at £0.067.

    CBD Life Hemp Oil Capsules are full extract, unlike many capsules available, and are infused with coconut oil to increase the absorption rate of CBD within the body. The hemp used is sourced from Germany and grown organically. CBD Life make regularly visits to the farms and third-party testing is done to confirm no pesticides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful substances are used. The final product is also coated in a vegan friendly coating, rather than gelatine.

    A CO2 extraction process is used in the manufacturing of their capsules. Working with the plant in these low temperature and low heat settings, preserves many of its natural compounds to deliver a full extract CBD. All their products are verified by third-party lab tests, which are available on request and at CBD Shopy. 

    About CBD Life

    CBD Life is a UK manufacturer of CBD products based in South Shields. The company was founded in 2015 and has become one of the top CBD producers in the UK. As a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) they focus on delivery high quality products that are compliant and meet certain standards.

    CBD Life’s manufacturing facility is an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom and they are working towards further certifications for their manufacturing processes. They work closely with an independent third-party lab in the UK (Phytovista) and plan to have in-house testing facilities completed in 2019.

    CBD life offers a range of products that include oils, vapes, dabs, edibles and capsules.

    CBD Life CBD Capsules Best Bits

    • 30 capsules with 25mg per capsule
    • Organic and vegan friendly
    • Full spectrum
    • Organically grown hemp used
    • Third party lab tested

    Buy CBD Life Hemp Oil Capsules


  4. Advance Biotech Natural CBD Capsules Infused with Turmeric & Black Pepper (315mg) £22.00

    Advance BioTech Natural CBD Capsules + Turmeric & Black Pepper (315mg)

    The Advance Biotech Natural CBD capsules are enriched and infused with turmeric and black pepper to give your endocannabinoid system and general health and well-being a bump up. The capsules are not only loaded with CBD and the other goodness that comes from turmeric and black pepper, but also the other phyto cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which are found naturally in the hemp plant.

    Advance Biotech’s CBD capsules are a convenient and natural way to get all the benefits from CBD, made from organic and the highest quality European hemp. The capsules are made entirely from plant-based material, keeping the product as natural as possible, with the lowest amount of processing.

    The natural CBD capsules are all third-party tested to be able to show you exactly what is in each capsule. Each one contains 1.5% of CBD, turmeric and black pepper and is completely organic, natural, vegan and non-GMO.

    Advance Biotech is a stickler for the rules – and aim to stay as transparent as possible. They are fully paid-up members of the CTA and lab test their own products as well as sending batches off to independent testers.

    Advance Biotech Natura CBD Infused Capsules Infused with Turmeric & Black Pepper Best Bits

    • Enriched with turmeric and black pepper
    • 100% natural
    • Hand harvested
    • Organic
    • Legal levels of THC
    • 5% of CBD
    • They are vegan
    • Non-GMO

    Buy Advance Biotech Natural CBD Capsules infused with Tumeric & Black Pepper


  5. Advance BioTech CBD Capsules (630mg) £28.00

    Advance BioTech Natural CBD Capsules (630mg)True to the company’s name, Advance BioTech’s CBD capsules offer an innovative, natural, high-quality approach to making CBD formulations.

    Unlike most oil-based CBD capsules, these capsules are plant-based because they only contain hemp plant material that has been grinded and packaged with no additional processing. This ensures that the final product contains the whole spectrum of hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds that have not been damaged by harsh processing.

    Each capsule contains 10.5 mg (3%) CBD, alongside other natural hemp ingredients. With 60 capsules per package, this adds up to 630 mg of CBD.

    Like all their products, Advance Biotech’s hemp oil capsules undergo third-party testing to ensure potency and safety. The results of these tests can be readily viewed on their website.

    Meanwhile, the hemp used to produce the capsules is harvested by hand on organically-certified European farms. This not only ensures that the hemp is not polluted by contaminants from heavy machinery, but also supports the type of farming that has a low impact on the environment.

    To further demonstrate their commitment to high-quality, environmentally-sensitive products, Advance Biotech packages their CBD capsules in a nature-friendly paper pouch. Even the capsule casings are made from vegetable cellulose to make sure the whole product is vegan-friendly.

    About Advance BioTech

    Advance Biotech is one of the most experienced hemp and CBD producers in the United Kingdom. They are particularly recognised for their nature-based approach to making CBD products, characterised by their unique spagyric method of producing plant extracts.

    In this method, plants are is first extracted with alcohol in a non-damaging way to produce a paste. Next, the remaining material undergoes a process called calcination to release mineral salts. Finally, the two extracts are combined to create a natural product that maintains all of the ingredients from the original plant, but concentrated in a more pure and potent form.

    All of Advance Biotech’s hemp is harvested by hand on organically-certified European farms, and the final products are tested by independent third-party laboratories.

    In this sense, Advance Biotech strives to remain on the cutting edge of hemp research and science, while simultaneously using environmentally-friendly and healthy production methods.

    Advance BioTech CBD Capsules best bits

    • Vegan-friendly
    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Full-spectrum product
    • Unique, plant-based production method
    • Potency and safety verified by third-party lab tests
    • Sourced from organically-grown hemp

    Buy Advance Biotech’s CBD capsules

  6. Canabidol CBD Gel-Tabs (100mg – 1000mg) £17.99 – £69.99

    Canabidol Gel TabsIf you’re looking for one of the best CBD capsule products in the UK, then Canabidol’s CBD gel-tabs are an excellent choice. What makes these tabs so good is that they solve the main problem with CBD capsules – low absorption.

    Similar to CBD oil, these jelly-like tablets are placed under the tongue instead of being swallowed. Because of this, they avoid breakdown in the digestive tract and go straight into the bloodstream, making them significantly more potent than standard CBD capsules.

    Canabidol CBD gel-tabs are produced from organically-grown hemp at a Food Services Agency (FSA)-registered facility in England. This hemp is extracted to produce a full-spectrum hemp oil that includes not just CBD but all beneficial cannabis compounds, such as minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds work together in synergy to further enhance the effects of CBD.

    Canabidol not only tests their gel-tabs for purity, safety, and consistency, but also employs independent third-party testing, the results of which can be viewed on their website.

    Each Canabidol gel-tab contains CBD alongside a smaller amount of terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and essential oils. Thanks to this, these tablets make full use of the entourage effect which makes CBD as effective as possible.

    Canabidol gel-tabs come in a packet of 10 tablets with four different strengths:

    Canabidol CBD Gel-Tabs Inside

    • 10mg of CBD and 3.3mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (100 mg CBD total)
    • 25mg of CBD and 8.3mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (250 mg CBD total)
    • 50mg of CBD and 16.7mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (500 mg CBD total)
    • 100mg of CBD and 33mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (1000 mg CBD total)

    Canabidol Gel-Tabs best bits

    • Higher absorption than standard CBD capsules
    • Full spectrum product
    • Comes in four different strengths (100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg)
    • Potency and safety verified by third-party lab tests
    • Sourced from organically-grown hemp

    Buy Canabidol’s CBD Gel-Tabs


  7. Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules + Turmeric (300mg) £40.00HHS 10mg CBD Capsules With Turmeric

    Holistic Hemp Scotland’s CBD capsules with Turmeric offer you 10mg of high quality, full spectrum CBD extract, along with an extra boost of turmeric, enhancing its benefits on your health. They use hand-harvested hemp and special CO2 extraction techniques to ensure that minimum damage is conflicted on their carefully cultivated hemp plants.

    The hemp that Holistic Hemp Scotland use for their CBD capsules is produced on small European farms, grown without pesticides, artificial fertilisers or nasty chemicals and therefore enabling it to be labelled as organic.

    There are 30 capsules filled with water-soluble CBD and turmeric to give you the highest bioavailability possible and the greatest effect from the capsule. The curcuminoids included in turmeric are also believed to be extremely beneficial to our health. There is no presence of THC, meaning that the capsules are completely legal and will not get you high.

    Holistic Hemp Scotland is members of the UK self-regulatory body, the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) meaning that they take their responsibilities as a CBD producer very seriously.

    About Holistic Hemp Scotland

    Established in 2018, Holistic Hemp Scotland is a Scottish brand specialising in all things hemp. They provide not only CBD capsules, oils, and edibles, but also hemp tea, hemp textiles, and even hemp construction material.

    Holistic Hemp Scotland pride themselves in providing ethical, organic, high-quality products sourced from hemp grown by small-scale EU hemp farmers. In addition, the company’s commitment to improving people’s well-being is demonstrated by their support of the UK’s United Patients Alliance, which seeks to make medical cannabis available to all patients in the country.

    Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules + Turmeric  Best Bits

    • A full spectrum CBD extract
    • Includes an additional boost of turmeric
    • It is hand harvested
    • It uses carbon dioxide extraction
    • It is organic
    • Member of the CTA

    Buy Holistic Hemp Scotland’s CBD Capsules with Turmeric


  8. Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules (450mg) £49.99

    Holistic Hemp Scotalnd CBD Capsules 15mgHolistic Hemp Scotland offers one of the best CBD hemp oil capsules in the UK. For starters, they source their hemp from small artisan farms located throughout the EU, where it is grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertiliser.

    Next, the CBD-rich hemp flowers are picked by hand and dried at normal temperatures. Then, the dried hemp is extracted using a mild CO2 extraction method at low heat and pressure to help preserve all of the beneficial natural components of the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

    This results in potent, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil capsules that make full use of the synergy between the beneficial components of whole-plant cannabis.

    What makes Holistic Hemp Scotland’s capsules even more potent is the fact that they are water-soluble, making them ready for absorption in the digestive tract. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with 15 mg of CBD each for a total of 450 mg CBD.

    Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules best bits

    • Full-spectrum product
    • Ethical – supports small-scale EU farmers and patients who require medical cannabis
    • Uses a mild extraction process
    • Made by a company specialising in a wide range of hemp products
    • Sourced from organically-grown hemp

    Buy Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules

  9. Canabidol CBD Cacao-Tabs (100mg – 500mg) £17.99 – £39.99

    Canabidol CBD Cacao Tabs 250mg FRONTCanabidol’s CBD cacao-tabs offer a tasty, potent way to take CBD. This product comes with a pleasant white chocolate taste that is ideal for people who dislike the strong earthy flavour of hemp oil.

    Like Canabidol’s unflavoured gel-tabs, these tablets have superior bioavailability to standard CBD capsules thanks to avoiding the digestive tract and being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. These tabs dissolve slowly when placed under the tongue, ensuring the continued absorption of CBD accompanied by a delicious taste.

    Produced from organically-grown hemp at a UK FSA-registered facility, the tabs include the full-spectrum of cannabinoid compounds, including CBD, terpenes, minor phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and essential oils. These compounds work together in synergy with each other, enhancing the effects of CBD.

    Like all of Canabidol’s products, they are tested both in-house and independently to ensure safety and potency. These test results can be viewed on their website so you know exactly what you are getting.

    Canabidol cacao-tabs come in a packet of 10 tablets. These tablets come in four different strengths:

    • 10mg of CBD and 3.3mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (100 mg CBD total)
    • 25mg of CBD and 8.3mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (250 mg CBD total)
    • 50mg of CBD and 16.7mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (500 mg CBD total)
    • 100mg of CBD and 33mg of terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils (1000 mg CBD total)

    About Canabidol

    Canabidol is a UK-based CBD company known for high-quality, innovative CBD products. They offer CBD oil, capsules, gel-tabs, vape liquid, and even creams for sale online.

    The company controls every step of the production process by sourcing organically-grown, CBD-rich hemp plants, using a proprietary hemp oil extraction method, and formulating unique CBD products.

    Their products are manufactured at an FSA-registered UK facility and undergo both internal and independent third-party testing for safety, potency, and quality.

    Canabidol CBD Cacao-Tabs best bits

    • Higher absorption than standard CBD capsules
    • Pleasant taste
    • Full-spectrum product
    • Comes in four different strengths (100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg)
    • Potency and safety verified by third-party lab tests
    • Sourced from organically-grown hemp

    Buy Canabidol’s CBD Cacao-Tabs


Why the above brands are the very BEST CBD CAPSULES in the UK!

At, CBD Shopy, we went through an exhaustive research process to find the best CBD capsules for our customers. There were many factors we took into consideration and we’ll highlight the most important ones here so you can understand why we value these products so highly.

🌱 Farming and Hemp Source          

All CBD capsule manufacturers to make our list must have a source of hemp they work with directly. Hemp is still not grown in large quantities in the UK and so many manufacturers must go overseas to find credible hemp farms. Some companies buy their hemp extract in bulk without fully verifying its source and the farming methods use. The capsules in our list come from brands who have direct relationships with their farmers and can validate the hemp is grown in an organic environment. This will improve the quality of the product and prevent unwanted chemicals entering the customers body.

🥼 Manufacturing

We reviewed the manufacturing process, ingredients and the supporting documentation available to verify the product. Our final list of capsules comes from brands who use extraction processes that preserve the hemp plant as much as possible to deliver a potent and natural product. They also do not use gelatine covers so the final capsule is vegan friendly. We also looked at the oil or ‘carrier’ mixed with the CBD extract. Preferably, an oil is used with a better absorption rate to improve the bioavailability of the CBD (most commonly it is coconut oil)

A final box to tick was independent third-party lab testing. All the products we included have undergone third party lab testing to verifying the capsules ingredients and levels of CBD. Any CBD manufacturer concerned with quality should do this as a standard and make the results accessible to customers.

💷 Price and ⭐ Reviews

Whilst quality usually comes at a price, we were conscious that value should still play an important factor when finalising our list. The price per mg CBD works as a good baseline indicator for products of varying strength and quantity. You’ll see in our quick comparison that most of the prices lie within a range of £0.045 – £0.07, which is a great price for CBD.

Finally, we considered user reviews. How other users perceive a product is a great indicator of the products quality. It was an important factor, but not a critical one. The CBD industry is still relatively new, with products that have yet to reach a wider audience. We still included brands where they tick all the other farming, production and price boxes but reviews were lacking in number.


CBD Capsules VS CBD Oil

CBD capsules are less potent that CBD oil because they are broken down by the digestive system before absorption. They also taken longer to feel than CBD oil, and have a longer duration of effects (4+ hours).

How many CBD Capsules should I take?

This will depend on the concentration of your capsule product and your desired CBD dosage. Generally speaking, most CBD capsules contain 5-25 mg CBD, and most people take 15-50 mg per day.

How to take CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are easy to take – simply swallow the capsule with some water and wait for its effects. In the case of gel tabs and lozenges, these are placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingualy. The product packaging should have specific instructions for the product you purchase.

How long for CBD Capsules to work?

CBD capsules typically take about an hour to be felt. However, they work faster when taken on an empty stomach (20-30 minutes). Read our full guide on how long CBD takes to work.

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