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The Four UK CBD Events You Need To Attend This Year

4 UK CBD Events to Attend This Year

CBD and hemp products are becoming increasingly popular, particularly here in the UK where sales have soared over the past year. But outside of the online world where can we go to find out more about CBD oil, hemp and cannabis-related issues? These four events are a must for anyone looking to find out more about the past, present and future of this fascinating substance, where you can hear experts answer everything you want to know, as well as meet fellow like-minded enthusiasts of this incredible plant.

Women, CBD & Medical Cannabis Conference, London (May)

This London event is all about female empowerment in the global medical cannabis business, and provides a great opportunity to meet some of the major female influencers and power players in this fast-growing field. The theme might be medical cannabis, but there’ll be plenty to learn about hemp and CBD – and will be a useful way to stay ahead of the curve if (or when) the UK finally follows our trans-Atlantic cousins in decriminalising, or even legalising, cannabis. Of course, medical cannabis became legal in the UK in November 2018, but we have a long way to go before this powerful substance becomes widespread in treating medical issues.

This event will showcase the success of the North American Cannabis Industry, where 27% of businesses are led by women, exploring the opportunities for UK businesses. The European medical cannabis market is predicted to become a $60 billion dollar a year industry, so this event is must for anyone looking to enter this business, as well as anyone curious about how the future will look for CBD, hemp and cannabis in the UK.

There will be a host of high-profile speakers, including Billy Caldwell’s mother, Charlotte Caldwell, and Alfie Dingley’s mother, Hannah Deacon, whose tireless devotion to their children led to widespread awareness about using cannabis and CBD in the UK to treat serious illness. You will also hear from several major players in the pro-medical cannabis community, including former nurse, Jeannette Vandermarel, who now co-runs The Green Organic Dutchman, the world’s largest organic cannabis producer.

For more information and tickets go to:

Cannabis Europa, London (June)

Cannabis Europa London 2019 follows the hugely-successful inaugural event in May 2018, returning to the capital in late June. The goal is to provide access to the world’s most influential and forward-thinking figures in the medical cannabis industry, serving as a forum to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe. Expect to find speakers from the three fields of industry, academia and policy-making, discussing the complex but promising state of cannabis and CBD in the UK and Europe, and looking at how new businesses can thrive in this market in years to come.

This event promises 18 talks, featuring over 80 speakers and experts on cannabis, CBD and hemp. The program of talks is split into four distinct topics: culture & society; science & health; policy & politics; and business & investment. If you’re looking for unrivalled access to the world’s most influential and inspiring figures in the industry make sure you attend this year’s edition of this fast-growing series of European-focused events.

For more information and tickets go to:

Product Earth, Coventry (Aug)

Looking to the Midlands for the August Bank Holiday weekend, Product Earth is a festival-style experience devoted to the UK’s CBD and hemp industry. This is where you can explore the entire business eco-system of this versatile plant – showcasing pioneers from the following fields: agricultural, industrial, medicinal, recreational, production, wholesale, and retail.

You can expect an event less formal than most expos, with DJs and live bands providing entertainment over three days, plus over 150 hemp and CBD retailers, including major players such as Humboldt Seeds, Ali Bongo, Blue Ridge Hemp Co, The Attitude Seed Bank, Buddha’s Tree, and Pot Valley. If you’re looking to set up business relationships with the UK’s leading hemp and CBD vendors, to a backdrop of partying, circle these dates in your calendar.

The goal of Product Earth is to provide knowledge about the fast-growing hemp industry along with the opportunity to network and socialise with like-minded business people, in a setting markedly more fun than any other hemp expo in Europe.

For more information and tickets go to:

Hemp Expo, Birmingham (Sept)

Autumn 2019 brings us to this huge event based at one of the top exhibition venues in Europe: the Birmingham NEC. This prestigious venue plays host to this major trade show dedicated to Hemp & CBD products, featuring exhibitors from every step of the supply chain. Of course, thanks to the versatility of hemp this means everyone from farmers to distributors, to clothing companies, CBD chefs and much more.

The tone is professional and business-minded, aiming to educate and inform people about the hemp industry in the UK – dispelling myths and delivering clear information about this rapidly growing sector over the weekend. Business is the main focus, but members of the public looking to increase their knowledge are very welcome. When it comes to learning about the hemp and CBD trade in the UK, this event is one of the best, whether you’re thinking of setting up a hemp-based business, an experienced retailer keen to learn more or simply curious about the coming years of CBD and hemp in the UK.

For more information and tickets go to:

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