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Strongest CBD Oil UK

When you’re choosing a CBD oil, strength is one of the key factors you’ll need to consider. Strength refers to the cannabidiol, or CBD, content of the product; the stronger the CBD oil, the less oil you’ll need to achieve the desired effect. 

In this article, we’ve tabulated all our strongest CBD oils. Before we dive in, though, let’s discuss what exactly constitutes a max-strength oil, why it matters, and how to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

How can I tell the strength of a CBD oil?

The CBD content of a CBD oil is displayed on the package in micrograms (mg). However, choosing a high-strength CBD oil is not quite as straightforward as simply choosing the bottle with the highest number.

If a CBD oil is listed as 2000mg, then there are 2000 micrograms (mg) of CBD in the entire bottle. To get an accurate picture of strength, you also need to know the CBD content per individual serving.

Here’s why that matters…

A 10ml bottle and a 20ml bottle of 2000mg CBD oil both contain exactly the same amount of actual CBD. But if you take a 1ml serving from the 10ml bottle, you’ll get 200mg of CBD, while if you take the same 1ml serving from the 20ml bottle, you’ll only get 100mg of CBD. 

For clarity, we list the specific mg per serving in the description for each product on CBD Shopy so that you can see exactly how much CBD you’re getting. 

What do the percentages mean? 

You’ll sometimes see a percentage too, which represents the concentration of CBD in the product in relation to the entire bottle. This is a more reliable indicator of strength, but not all brands use it. If you want to work it out for yourself, you can use the following formula:

Total CBD content (mg) / bottle volume (ml) / 10 

Here’s an illustration…

Bottle A is 10ml and contains 4000mg of CBD. So: 

4000mg / 10ml = 400

400 / 10 = 40%

Bottle B is 20ml and also contains 4000mg of CBD. So: 

4000mg / 20ml = 200

200 / 10 = 20%

Bottle C is 10ml and contains 2000mg of CBD. So:

2000mg / 10ml = 200

200 / 10 = 20%

Based on these calculations, you can see how Bottle A is twice as strong as Bottle B, despite containing the same amount of CBD. You can also see how Bottle B and Bottle C are equal strengths, despite Bottle C containing half the amount of total CBD.

What strength CBD oil should I use?

The products featured in this article are some of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK. If you’re new to CBD oil, we recommend starting with a very low-strength product until you know how CBD oil affects you, and then building up very slowly to max-strength CBD oils like these. 

Even if you’re an experienced CBD user and you’re comfortable with your tolerance, it’s still a good idea to take the following factors into consideration when upgrading to super-strength CBD oil. 

Individual differences

Have you noticed how men and women have different recommendations for alcohol intake? Or how one of your friends can put away six pints without blinking but another gets drunk at the mention of wine? That’s because general differences in body size, composition and metabolism all impact how alcohol affects us. 

The same applies to CBD. It’s impossible to predict how an individual will react to any given amount, so it’s always wise to work your way up to ultra-high doses in small increments, gradually upping your dose until you achieve the desired strength. 

CBD form

As well as oil, CBD is available in capsule, lotion, edible or vape form. Like CBD oil, these different variations will feature the strength in mg. However, the actual bioavailability of each type varies. 

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that is absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the body. CBD oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the blood vessels under your tongue, so the bioavailability is high (85-94%). On the other hand, capsules and edibles have to pass through your digestive system and liver first, so their bioavailability is very low (6-15%). 

What does this mean in terms of strength? Well, if you’ve been using extra-strong capsules or edibles, take into account that an oil of the same strength will actually provide your body with a much higher usable amount of CBD. Even if you’ve tolerated the capsules very well, you might want to switch to a slightly lower-strength CBD oil and build up if needed.

Personal needs

It’s always best to take the lowest dose you need to get the desired effect. Not only can you build a tolerance to CBD over time, but high doses can interfere with liver enzyme function and affect your ability to metabolise certain medications.  

With that in mind, consider your reasons for taking CBD oil in the first place. If you’re simply looking for a wellbeing boost, a standard dose is likely sufficient. However, if you’re looking for a specific outcome, a high-strength CBD oil can maximise the effects.  

WARNING: Always check the lab report!

We’ve broken down what strength means when it comes to CBD oil and explained how to figure out the actual strength of a product. However, this info means nothing if the numbers on the packaging are incorrect. 

A recent report found that an alarming number of UK brands were misrepresenting the CBD content of their products. Over a third of the products tested didn’t even contain 50% of the advertised CBD, and one £90 high-street CBD oil contained zero

UK regulations have yet to crack down on this issue, so for now it’s up to you as the consumer to do your due diligence. Fortunately, you can do this by simply checking the third-party lab report, which will tell you the exact amounts of everything in the bottle, including CBD. 

No lab report? At CBD Shopy, we only stock CBD oils that have been tested and verified by independent third-party labs, and we make the reports readily available to our customers. If a brand hasn’t had their product third-party tested or they don’t make the report available, take it as a red flag and buy elsewhere.

CBD Shopy’s strongest CBD oils

CBD OilPriceStrength (MG)
Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray99.992000
Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray79.991400
CBD Life Hemp Oil CBD/CBDa Spray49.951000
Hempura Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil64.991000
Hempura Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil64.991000
Canabidol CBD Oil Drops69.991000
Cibdol CBD Oil75.001000
Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray48.99800
CBD Shopy Full-Spectrum CBD Oil27.95500
Hempura Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil36.99500
Hempura Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil36.99500
Canabidol CBD Oil Drops39.99500
CBD Life Hemp Oil CBD/CBDa Spray24.95400
Cibdol CBD Oil35.00400
Cibdol CBD Oil19.95250
Hempura Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil19.99250
Hempura Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil19.99250
Canabidol CBD Oil Drops19.99250

Want to know more about high-strength CBD oil?

At CBD Shopy, we’re committed to providing all the information and resources you need to get the most out of CBD oil. You can learn more about CBD here on our blog, or visit our online store to shop for the highest-quality, independently tested CBD oils on the UK market.