Will I trip out?

Avatar1979.Sarax asked 4 months ago

I had a bad experience taking marijuana, tripping out real bad. I want to try CBD but will the same thing happen?

1 Answers
AvatarCBD Shopy Staff answered 4 months ago

It sounds like the bad experience you had was because of the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC. In CBD the THC levels for legal products is 0.2%, meaning you’ll see no effect. If the bad experience was a bodily reaction like an allergy though, best check with your doctor first!

Avatar1979.Sarax replied 4 months ago

thanks – no, it wasn’t ‘bodily’, it was a mental trip. I’ll give the oils a whirl.

AvatarCBD Shopy Staff replied 4 months ago

No problem!

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