Whats the difference in expensive CBD oils?

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AvatarPhilforPM_120 asked 4 months ago

I don’t understand what to buy – the price for some of these products seems higher than I can get elsewhere. What’s the difference?

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AvatarSpeckles01 answered 4 months ago

Simple – quality

AvatarCBD Shopy Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi – thought we’d jump in and help answer this question. The price is higher for some products due to the quality of the product, which comes from its strength and purity. All CBD manufacturers use their own extraction processes to separate the CBD from hemp and some are much better than others. You may find a cheaper product elsewhere, but will be as effective?

The best way to compare prices is by the ‘cost per milligram of CBD’. This’ll help even the playing field. For example, a 10ml bottle at £15 with 1mg of CBD, is actually more expensive ‘per mg of CBD’ than a £20 with 2.5 mg of CBD. Any credible manufacture will also provide independent lab results to support the CBD strength in their products. Finally, keep in mind that some products will come with the added benefits of the full spectrum on cannaboids rather than just the CBD isolate.  Hope this helps!

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