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Avatarjones asked 2 months ago

Looking to buy some CBD oil, first time, advice please!

AvatarSupernam replied 2 months ago

I’m using holistic hemp alpine oil and love it ! Heard good things about the canabidol raw drops too though.

AvatarPat Skeat replied 2 months ago

Gel tabs are the way forward!

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AvatarCBD Shopy Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Jones,

It will come at no surprise to you that the UK market is currently flooded with 100’s of CBD oils from locally produced products to imported goodies from the U.S.A, Canada & rest of Europe.

So how do you distinguish the best quality CBD oils from the sub-par products?

We like to think the most important factor in buying a CBD oil in the UK is to make sure the manufacturer is an active member of the Cannabis Trades Association, they kind of make sure everybody is playing by the rules, so that the industry can continue to exist. You can view a full list of their active members here: https://cannabistrades.uk/p/members

Secondly, as you are buying CBD oil for the benefit of it’s active ingredient ‘Cannabidiol‘ you want to confirm the dosage listed on the packaging is actually in the product.

You can confirm the dosage of CBD, THC & other cannabinoids in a product by requesting a 3rd-party lab report from the supplier, these lab reports are generally freely available on the websites of manufacturers and retailers unless of-cause they’re trying to hide something from you.

Over and above the factors mentioned above, you can take the following factors into account:

  • The quality of hemp, whether it is organically grown, in regulated jurisdiction
  • The extraction methods used
  • The degree of the manufacturing process occurs in the UK (seed to bottle, labs and production)
  • Reviews, customer feedback and customer service
  • The price per mg of CBD

If you don’t feel like going through all the research work yourself, we’ve previously put together our own in-depth review of what we consider to be the best CBD products in the UK:

Best CBD oils – https://cbdshopy.co.uk/best-cbd-oils-uk/

Best CBD creams – https://cbdshopy.co.uk/best-cbd-creams-uk/

Best CBD capsules – https://cbdshopy.co.uk/best-cbd-capsules-uk/

Best CBDa products – https://cbdshopy.co.uk/best-cbda-products-uk/

I hope we’ve managed to answer your question & if you have anything else in mind please feel free to ask.

Good Luck!

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