How many drops of CBD oil should I take?

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Avatarmissj asked 6 months ago

I’ve recently purchased 500mg CBD oil to see if it helps with anxiety & sleep. 
How many drops should I take? also should I take it in the morning or night? 

AvatarCBD Shopy Staff replied 6 months ago

It’s always best to following the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the product packaging,

Additionally you can read the following article –

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Avatarskywalker_boss answered 6 months ago

I started with CBD oil in Feb, and at first I was scared if it would make me even more anxious because of a previous “bad” experience smoking weed, lol and Almost had a panic attack at the though of that.. That’s anxious thinking for you.

Anyway what I found worked for me is to start with the smallest possible dosage, 1 drop, and work my way up over the next few days till I start to feel the effects.

I currently use 8 drops of 500mg Advance Biotech at night, which translates to 20mg CBD per serving.

Oh yes, that’s another factor you should take into consideration, the strength of the CBD oil.

I.e “1 drop of 250mg would translate to 1.25mg CBD” where “1 drop of 500mg would translate to 2.5mg CBD”

All the best mate!

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