Are CBD oil and Hemp oil the same thing?

CBD (Cannabidiol) ForumCategory: QuestionsAre CBD oil and Hemp oil the same thing?
Avataralexan87 asked 3 months ago
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AvatarCBD Shopy Staff answered 3 months ago

I’m glad you’ve asked this question, when I first heard about CBD oil, I was absolutely confused by all the terms being thrown around on the web.

Firstly, what is CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, this cannabinoid is extracted & suspended in an oil solution, hence the term CBD oil.

Secondly, where does CBD come from?

As I mentioned above CBD is found in the Cannabis plant, below are two popular ones related to this question:

  1. Cannabis Indica (Marijuana) – High levels of THC, illegal.
  2. Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) – Low levels of THC, legal.

Due to Hemp’s legal status & low levels of THC, manufactures cultivate Hemp plants for the extraction & production of CBD oil.

Hence all the various terms ‘Hemp oil’, ‘Cannabis oil’ & ‘CBD oil’.

What you should pay attention to

Regardless of the term being used to market the CBD product i.e. ‘CBD oil’, ‘Cannabis oil’ or even ‘Hemp CBD oil’ your main concern should be the actual dosage of CBD (cannabidiol) in the product, after all this is the ingredient you’re after.

The CBD dosage of the product should be clearly listed on the ingredients label, additionally all legitimate manufactures provide 3rd party lab reports on their websites which display the exact breakdown of CBD, THC & various other cannabinoids in the CBD product.

As a guideline legit CBD oils generally start at £20 for 250mg CBD, ranging all the way up to £100 or more for 3,000mg CBD. Be sure to read our buyers guide on UK’s best CBD oils.

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