Canabidol CBD Oil Drops (250mg)

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Canabidol produces its CBD oil at an FSA registered facility in the United Kingdom where state-of-the-art technology is used for the extraction process. This process isolates and removes any unwanted compounds and maintains the potency of the phytocannabinoids.

Refined taste

Not all CBD oils on the market are created equal. Some CBD oil products look unappealing, offer inconsistent quality and have a bad taste. Canabidol has spent time developing the taste of this CBD oil and has one of the best-tasting products on the market. Phytochemicals and plant materials are filtered out, leaving a quality end product.

A range of strengths

Refined CBD oil is available in a range of strengths and each bottle provides 20 servings. A serving size is half a pipette (0.5ml). Each bottle contains a different serving of CBD (cannabidiol) as well as terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils.


Cannabis CBD Oil from Canabidol is 100% legal to consume and safe for use.

How to use:

If you are on medication, lactosing or pregnant please consult your doctor.

The recommended serving is half a dropper (0.5ml) of drops under the tongue twice a day. Hold the CBD oil in place for some time to allow it to be absorbed via the blood vessels under the tongue and into the bloodstream. If you swallow the oil immediately, the bioavailability of the CBD is reduced.

If you are new to CBD products, it’s best to start with the lowest serving and work your way up until you find the optimum strength and dosage that works for you as an individual.  It is easy to control dosage with the use of the dropper and to add drops to food or drinks if this is your preferred way to consume your CBD.


This product contains 100% Cannabis Sativa L.
It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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