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About Advance Biotech

Advance Biotech Ltd is a CBD (cannabidiol) producer based in the United Kingdom. They place a great emphasis on producing high quality CBD products derived from hemp that is organically grown and certified in the EU.

All products by Advance Biotech are not intended for medicinal use, nor are they intended to substitute a healthy and varied diet. Their products are health supplements that are intended to optimize the body’s physiology and support the endocannabinoid system.

Advance Biotech has been featured on Daily Express, Metro, London Evening Standard, Daily Star and Naturally Good health.

Advance Biotech uses Soxhlet extractors to extract hemp compounds holistically from the hemp plant. In this method, vacuum pressure is used to reduce the boiling point of alcohol so that the beneficial plant compounds are preserved. Alcohol is used as the solvent of choice because it is able to extract both fat soluble and water soluble compounds while maintaining all the compounds in their original ratios.

Extraction methods

Alchemy - This is the first step of the Spagyric process. It involves mixing the hemp flowers with pressurized alcohol in a stainless steel Soxhlet extractor. The resulting end product will contain all the plant compounds in their original ratios but with higher potency and purity.

The Spagyric Method - This method of extraction involves separating and then reuniting the parts of a plant to make it more potent. This method is considered holistic and a better way to preserve the full spectrum effects of a plant. The three steps are:

1.) Alcohol Extraction - Here, they use a stainless steel Soxhlet extractor to extract the plants compounds. The lower boiling point (50°C) of the alcohol subjected to vacuum preserves the plant’s heat sensitive compounds. The end product is a black viscous paste containing all the plant compounds.

2.) Mineral Extraction - Here, a process known as calcinations is used to extract the mineral salts contained in the plant fibres. The ash produced is placed in distilled water where the mineral salts are absorbed. This mixture then crystallises into crystal salts.

3.) Recombination - This last step involves combining the proceeds of step one and two, to complete the spagyric process. The resulting tincture will contain all the plant compounds from the original plant but now in a potent and purified form. Esterification is then employed to neutralize organic acids and converted the fat soluble compounds into water soluble compounds.

The spagyric process is 100% natural and organic.

Advance Biotech Highlights

  • They use spagyric technology to produce full spectrum CBD that is both pure and potent
  • They use organically grown hemp that meets EU standards
  • All their products are vegan friendly and non GMO
  • All their products are third party lab tested to confirm purity and potency
  • All their products contain less than 0.2% THC, meaning that they are legal in the UK & won't make you high
  • They are members of the UK Cannabis Trade Association