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To save our customers the hassle of topping on their favourite CBD product every month, we’ve introduced ‘Subscribe & Save‘ which includes a 5% discount.

Subscribe to your favourite CBD product today, for your monthly hassle-free delivery.

Subscribe & Save FAQ

How do I create a subscription?

Getting regular CBD shopy items delivered directly to your door is easy. Simply, click 'create subscription' during checkout and select the frequency you'd like the items delivered. As a standard, we offer repeat payments on subscription from 1-6 weeks. You'll receive the subscription discount on your first order and every repeat order as part of the subscription until you cancel.

Why did I not receive my subscription?

We collect payment for your subscription items 1-2 days before the order is dispatched. If payment is unsuccessful, we cannot dispatch your order. At this point, we'll contact you directly to either help update your payment details or modify your subscription.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply, log into your profile and click 'Cancel Plan'.

How do I cancel my CBD subscription?

Your subscription plan will be available to view in your CBD Shopy profile. Here, you'll be able to add or remove items and change your subscription date. We'll send you a reminder three days before your subscription is due to be dispatched in case you wish to make any changes.

Where can I see my subscription history?

Log in to your CBD Shopy account and click on previous orders. Here, you'll be able to review the history of your subscription.

You can find our full subscription policy here.