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Is CBD oil halal?

Is CBD oil halal

For those who follow the Islamic faith, it’s important to know if CBD oil is halal. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what that means, what makes CBD oil halal, and how you can enjoy halal CBD oil as a practising Muslim.   

What does halal mean? 

The religious scriptures of Islam set out the rules and standards Muslims are expected to follow. They cover every aspect of life, from the way you treat others, to the food you eat, to the clothes you wear. 

Halal means that an object or action is permitted under these rules, while anything not permitted is considered haram. According to scripture, Allah will not hear the prayers of a Muslim who engages in haram behaviours or accept them into paradise. 

Is CBD oil halal or haram? 

When CBD oil first hit the mainstream, there was some controversy over whether or not it was halal. The consensus from religious leaders is that CBD oil can be halal, but only if it meets certain conditions. 

THC content

First, to be considered halal, a CBD oil must not contain THC. 

Like CBD, THC is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It’s also found in the marijuana plant, used to make recreational cannabis. THC is a psychoactive compound, responsible for the high you get when you smoke cannabis, and it’s considered haram. However, CBD is not psychoactive, so it is considered halal. 

Full-spectrum CBD oils do contain a small amount of THC, but not enough to have a psychoactive effect. Some say that this is still haram, but others point out that the Qur’an permits a small amount of a haram substance, if it is taken with a halal substance for health purposes. If you’re taking CBD oil for health and wellbeing effects, then, you might consider a full-spectrum CBD oil to be halal. 

If you’re in any doubt about this, though, you can choose a THC-free oil, as these are universally accepted to be halal. Look for a broad-spectrum CBD oil, where all of the THC has been removed, or a CBD isolate, made with CBD only. 

Other ingredients 

CBD oils are made by mixing CBD extract with a carrier oil. They can also contain flavourings, additives, preservatives, vitamins, and other ingredients. For a CBD oil to be considered halal, all of the ingredients must meet halal standards. 

Most CBD oils are vegan, but you might come across some that contain animal-derived ingredients. To be considered halal, an ingredient must not come from haram animals, which include pigs, carnivores and birds of prey. And if the ingredient comes from a halal animal, the animal must have been treated in accordance with halal rules. 

It can be hard to know for sure if an animal-derived ingredient is truly halal, so we recommend sticking with a vegan CBD oil. This alone doesn’t necessarily mean it’s halal, but it’s typically much easier to verify the halal status of vegan ingredients. 

Extraction methods

The final thing to check is that your CBD was extracted via a halal method. 

CBD is sometimes extracted using alcohol. In products made with this CBD, it’s not uncommon to find quite a lot of residual alcohol left over. In fact, independent testers found that one CBD oil had enough to be legally considered an alcoholic drink! 

Alcohol is considered haram, of course, so you’ll want to avoid products made using alcohol extraction. This would apply even if the final product contained no trace of alcohol; if it’s been involved at any point, it’s haram! 

Instead, go for a CBD oil that uses CO2 extraction. Not only is it halal, but CO2 is considered to be the gold standard for extraction. It’s one of the safest, cleanest and most sustainable ways to extract CBD. And because it uses low temperatures and no harsh chemicals, it’s the best way to preserve the quality of CBD.     

The golden rule

We want you to be able to buy CBD oil with full confidence that you’re buying a halal product. While it’s fairly easy to check the ingredients and extraction method, there’s only one reliable way to check the THC content: third-party lab reports. 

The CBD industry is still quite poorly regulated and unfortunately, some brands do take advantage of this. When a consumer group tested various CBD oils, they found that some of them contained far more THC than they advertised, with some found to be well over the legal THC limit

Any reputable CBD brand will have their products tested by an independent third-party lab, and they’ll make the lab reports available online or by request. These reports will tell you exactly how much CBD and THC the product contains, so you can be sure your CBD oil really is halal. If a seller can’t or won’t provide the lab reports, we strongly recommend looking elsewhere. 

Where to buy halal CBD oil

CBD Shopy stocks a huge range of trusted, high-quality CBD oils with many halal options. We list all of the ingredients and the extraction method so that you can make an informed choice about whether the product meets your needs. And of course, we publish third-party lab reports alongside every product so that you can check the CBD and THC content for yourself. 

We’re confident you’ll find what you need in our extensive range, but please do get in touch if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help!