Helping support Caudwell LymeCo Charity

We have first hand experience with Lyme disease and the chronic suffering it can bring people – covered here. Whilst CBD has been a great help in our personal experience, there is still plenty of research and awareness that needs doing to beat the disease.

There are some fantastic charities across the world that are helping to fight this battle, and of particular mention from the UK is Caudwell LymeCo.  We’ve decided to do our bit at CBD Shopy by creating a ’round up’ scheme to raise money for Caudwell LymeCo with every purchase through our shop. Here’s how it works. 

CBD Shopy Purchase

One of our fantastic customers buys a CBD product from CBD Shopy.

Donate Round Up

We 'round up' the purchase to the nearest £ and donate the difference. This is paid from CBD Shopy and not the customer.

CBD Shopy Donates

At the end of every month we make the donation to Caudwell LymeCo and update our running total.

It means that with every purchase made with us, we are able to give a little back. The initiative was started in May 2020 and so far we have donated the following amount.

£ 0
Caudwell Lymeco charity

Registered charity no. 1169342