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Can I Travel with CBD Oil to or out of the UK?

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CBD oil has become very popular with everyone talking about its benefits. It is therefore normal to find yourself wanting to carry the oil wherever you go. However, before you pack your treasured CBD oil into the travelling bag, you might want to take some precautions.

CBD oil is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom as long as it does not contain more than the allowable 0.2% THC content. THC is the compound responsible for the mind-altering effects of the cannabis plant.

Since I am travelling to or from the UK and CBD is legal in the UK, I can always carry my CBD oil with me, right? Wrong!

Whether you can travel with CBD out of the UK will be determined by the laws of the country or state you are travelling to.

Do not assume that just because CBD is readily available in your local CBD store, it is also legal in all the other countries. There are still some countries with a very strong stance against the possession or use of CBD or cannabis products.

Can I Take CBD Oil On A Plane In Europe?

According to the European Union, hemp grown for fibrer is legal as long as it contains no more than the allowable 0.2% THC.

Although this correlates with the UK legal limits, it is not obvious that you can carry your CBD oil anywhere in Europe.

Different nations have different legal policies regulating the possession and the use of CBD products and the EU has little control over this.

Can I Travel With CBD Oil to the UK?

Yes, you can. However, ensure that the oils contain no more than 0.2% THC. For instance, CBD oil containing 0.3% THC is legal in the US, but not legal in the UK.

Some Countries Where You Can Safely Travel With UK-Bought CBD Oil

In this section, we will look at some of the countries where you can legally use UK-bought CBD either because;

  • The countries allow either 0.2% THC content or higher.
  • Allow for recreational and medical cannabis use.
  • Have no laws regarding CBD (Cannabidiol) use.

Countries where CBD is entirely legal 

Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Switzerland, and Poland.

Countries where CBD is not considered psychotropic, and so legal.

Estonia, and Sweden

THC limit: 0.3%

Czech Republic

Same as the UK, 0.2% THC limit.

Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, France.

Spain also falls in this category. However, no limits are legally enforced. 0.2% THC for domestic hemp cultivation.

Countries where cannabis for personal use is entirely legal

Belgium and the Netherlands have no limits/

THC limit: 0.6% THC (6 times higher than the UK’s legal limit)

Italy- However, don’t be tempted to buy it from here and bring it to the UK.

As you can see, the above countries allow the UK’s THC threshold. You, therefore, should be okay using UK-bought CBD supplements in any of the above-listed countries.

WORD OF CAUTION: Some countries such as Italy allows up to 3 times higher THC content than the UK. Other countries simply have no regulations at all. Be careful when bringing CBD products from such countries to the UK as they may be considered illegal.

The Following European Countries Have Strict Regulations Regarding CBD Use

Although some European countries have been omitted from the above list, it doesn’t mean that CBD use is completely illegal. Some countries only allow CBD possession or use if the individual has a doctor’s prescription.

These countries include;

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Portugal.
  • Slovakia- CBD is illegal and actually listed as a group 2 psychoactive narcotic.

It is important to note that laws regulating CBD use keeps on changing and it is expected that most of these countries may soon establish more lenient policies regarding CBD use and possession.

Can I Travel With My UK-Bought CBD to The USA?

So you want to spend your vacation in the USA and wondering whether you can bring your CBD supplements along? Theoretically, you should be safe traveling with UK-bought CBD to the USA since it meets the federal THC requirements. However, you need to note the following:

  • All the airports in the US are run by federal law. This means that even if you are traveling from Colorado or any other state where cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use, you can still get into trouble if your CBD contains more than the allowable 0.3% THC (federal law)
  • CBD packages/bottles that have already been opened may be seized since they reason that its contents may have been substituted.
  • The product must explicitly state the amount of THC it has, otherwise, it may be confiscated.
  • CBD supplements are only legal in the US if they have been derived from the hemp plant.
  • Laws differ across state lines.

So Can I Travel With CBD to And From The UK?

Yes, you can. But, you need to take time and carefully study the laws regulating CBD use in your host country.

In some countries such as the USA, you need to understand the federal law as well as the policies in the particular state that you are visiting.

The same applies while traveling to the UK, ensure that the products meet the legally accepted UK standards.

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