5 Best CBD Gummies You Can Buy in the UK

UK's Best Gummies You Can Buy in 2019

As many as six million Britons have tried cannabidiol (CBD). While CBD oil remains the most popular way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, the market has grown to provide dozens of products.

One such product is CBD gummies: a tasty, edible form of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Gummies offer several advantages over other products, such as ease of use, precise dosing, and longer effects.

In this article, we’ll cover the best CBD gummies you can buy in the UK. We’ve included products from leading CBD brands such as CBDistillery, Charlotte’s Web, cbdMD, Love Hemp, and Hemp Bombs. These CBD companies meet our criteria for high-quality products, which include:

  • Quality of the hemp source
  • The extraction methods used
  • Independent third-party lab testing
  • Manufacturing standards
  • Reviews, customer feedback, and customer service
  • Reasonable price per mg of CBD

Read on for CBD Shopy’s detailed review of the best CBD gummies available to the British public. We’ve also included a FAQ to answer common questions about CBD gummies.

The 5 Best CBD Gummies

1. CBDistillery

  • CBDistillery CBD Gummies


    CBDistillery CBD Gummies
    If you’re looking for effective, tasty CBD gummies without any extra features, CBDistillery is an excellent choice. These gummies contain 30 mg of CBD isolate per piece, which means they have zero THC.

    We like these gummies because of their high dose: most competitor products contain only 5-15 mg CBD, which might not be enough to provide a significant effect for many people.

    Each bottle contains 25 gummies with a mix of delicious fruity flavours, including raspberry-lemon, raspberry and strawberry. These gummies are free of gluten, vegan-friendly, and contain only natural ingredients.

    CBDistillery CBD gummies best bits

    • Free of THC
    • Third-party tested for potency and pesticides
    • Mix of fruit-based flavours
    • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado hemp
  • CBDistillery Nighttime CBD Gummies

    CBDistillery Nightime CBD Gummies
    For people struggling with insomnia and other sleep-related issues, CBDistillery offers a special version of their regular gummies. These nighttime gummies contain 30 mg of CBD isolate mixed with 1.5 mg of melatonin, a popular sleep aid.

    Melatonin is a great addition to CBD because it’s another natural compound that has been shown to improve sleep in medical research studies. Like CBDistillery’s regular gummies, this version contains 25 pieces per bottle made with all-natural ingredients and a mix of tasty, fruit-based flavours.

    These gummies should be taken about 30 minutes before bed to provide enough time for the effects to kick in when you’re falling asleep. They’re an excellent option for sleep because the effects of CBD tend to last the longest (over 4 hours) when taken in an oral form.

    CBDistillery Nighttime CBD gummies best bits

    • Contains melatonin for enhanced sleep benefits
    • Free of THC
    • Third-party tested for potency and pesticides
    • Mix of fruit-based flavours
    • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado hemp

About CBDistillery

The Colorado-based CBDistillery is one of America’s top CBD brands. Founded in 2016, the company offers high-quality CBD products including CBD oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and isolates at affordable prices.

CBDistillery sources their non-GMO, organic hemp from Colorado, the leader of the American hemp industry. This hemp is extracted using the advanced CO2 extraction method and tested for cannabinoid profile (potency) and pesticides.

CBDistillery’s products have been positively reviewed by thousands of satisfied customers.

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2. Charlotte’s Web

  • Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD Gummies

    CW Gummies Calm
    Charlotte’s Web calm CBD gummies combine CBD with other natural ingredients meant to relieve stress & anxiety and promote relaxation.

    Also, unlike most gummies, they contain full-spectrum hemp extract. As such, they include not only CBD but other naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in hemp, which work together to enhance CBD’s effectiveness.

    Each tasty gummy contains 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract alongside two other research-backed natural compounds: lemon balm (37.5 mg) and L-theanine (25 mg).

    Lemon balm is a calming herb used to relieve stress & anxiety and promote sleep. Similarly, L-theanine is a compound derived from tea leaves that has reliable calming and anxiety-reducing effects.

    These tasty gummies come in natural fruit and vegetable flavours, with a total of 60 pieces per bottle. We’re big fans of these gummies because of their specialized, full-spectrum formula.

    Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD gummies best bits

    • Full-spectrum hemp extract
    • Contain lemon balm and l-theanine for added anxiety and stress relief
    • Tested for potency and safety
    • Mix of fruit and vegetable flavours
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon hemp
  • Charlotte’s Web Sleep CBD Gummies

    CW Gummies Recovery
    As the name implies, Charlotte’s Web sleep CBD gummies are meant to help you fall and stay asleep. For that reason, these gummies combine 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract with 1.5 mg of melatonin, a natural sleep aid backed by strong medical research evidence.

    In particular, these gummies can help you fight insomnia, regulate the sleep cycle, and get better overall sleep.

    Like the other gummies from Charlotte’s Web, the sleep variety is flavoured with fruits and vegetables and comes in a 60-count bottle. It’s best to take them 30 minutes before bed.

    Charlotte’s Web Sleep CBD gummies best bits

    • Full-spectrum hemp extract
    • Contain melatonin for enhanced sleep benefits
    • Tested for potency and safety
    • Mix of fruit and vegetable flavours
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon hemp
  • Charlotte’s Web Recovery CBD Gummies

    CW Gummies Sleep
    The third variety of Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies focuses on workout recovery and joint health. To that end, these gummies contain turmeric and ginger: two herbal ingredients shown to reduce inflammation and support joint health in multiple medical studies.

    Each gummy contains 5 mg of whole-plant hemp extract alongside 25 mg of ginger root and 26.5 mg of turmeric. The gummies are flavoured with juice from fruits and vegetables and contain all-natural ingredients.

    These gummies can be taken as needed. If you’re using them for exercise recovery, they can be taken before or after working out to help with exercise-induced inflammation.

    Charlotte’s Web Recovery CBD gummies best bits

    • Full-spectrum hemp extract
    • Contains turmeric and ginger for added anti-inflammatory and joint-supportive effects
    • Tested for potency and safety
    • Mix of fruit and vegetable flavours
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon hemp

About Charlotte’s Web

Established in 2011, Charlotte’s Web is one of the oldest American CBD companies. It gets its name from a special, low-THC strain of cannabis cultivated by the company’s founders: the Stanley brothers.

Charlotte’s Web offers a wide variety of CBD products and is known for its high standards. The company goes to great lengths to ensure top-tier hemp products; for example, it tests soils for heavy metals and other contaminants prior to growing its hemp.

This non-GMO, organic hemp is cultivated without pesticides in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon: the top three U.S. hemp states. It’s then processed in a GMP-certified facility and tested for potency and safety. Additionally, Charlotte’s Web is third-party GMP-certified and follows the American Herbal Products Association’s (AHPA) guidelines for its products.

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3. CbdMD

  • CbdMD CBD Gummies

    cbdMD Gummies
    The CBD gummies from cbdMD are simple yet effective. They come in two strengths: 10 mg and 25 mg of CBD, with a mix of orange, strawberry, raspberry, and tropical flavours. This way, you can choose the potency that works best for you.

    Unlike other brands, cbdMD uses broad-spectrum hemp extract for all its products. Broad-spectrum preparations are more effective than CBD isolate and contain all of the same beneficial ingredients as full-spectrum ones, minus THC.

    These gummies are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any additives. Each bottle contains 30 gummies for a total of 300 or 750 mg of CBD.

    CbdMD CBD gummies best bits

    • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
    • Two available strengths (10 mg and 25 mg)
    • Tested for potency and safety
    • Orange, strawberry, raspberry, tropical flavours
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made with organic, non-GMO Colorado & Kentucky hemp

About cbdMD

CbdMD is a major American CBD company known to sponsor athletes in a variety of sports, including surfing, MMA, and American football. The company sources its non-GMO, organic hemp from Kentucky and Colorado, two states known for high-quality hemp cultivation.

This hemp is grown with organic farming practices and undergoes extensive third-party testing for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants.

CbdMD uses the industry-leading CO2 extraction method to produce THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extracts.

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4. Love Hemp

  • Love Hemp Gummy Bears

    Love Hemp CBD-infused Gummy Bears
    London’s Love Hemp offers tasty, sugar-free gummy bears. Each piece contains 5 mg of CBD without any THC and comes in strawberry, orange, and lemon flavours.

    They’re made with natural ingredients and sold in containers of 40, 100, or 200 gummies. Love Hemp’s delicious gummies are made right here in the UK.

    Love Hemp CBD gummy bears best bits

    • Zero THC
    • Free of sugar
    • Orange, strawberry, lemon flavours
    • Natural ingredients
    • Three gummy count options: 40, 100, 200

About Love Hemp

Love Hemp is a British CBD brand founded by two London entrepreneurs in 2015. All of its products are completely free of THC, including CBD oil tinctures, edibles, creams, and vaping e-liquids.

Love Hemp seeks to inspire innovation in the CBD market, as highlighted by their CBD-infused spring water, chocolate, and ongoing product development. The company holds an excellent (4.5/5) rating on the independent review website Trustpilot.

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5. Hemp Bombs

  • Hemp Bombs Gummies

    Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies
    The CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs stand out for their addition of four calming ingredients: L-theanine, melatonin, skullcap, and passionflower. These natural remedies
    have been historically used to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, making them an excellent combination for CBD.

    More importantly, the effectiveness of these compounds is demonstrated by medical research studies, with particularly strong evidence for the sleep benefits of melatonin. In that sense, these gummies work best if you’re looking to improve your sleep and reduce the stress and anxiety of daily life.

    Each gummy contains broad-spectrum CBD, making this product more effective than gummies using purified CBD (isolate). Hemp Bombs gummies come in 60-count bottles and have three varieties:

    • Regular
    • High-potency
    • Sleep

    Although all three versions contain the same ingredients, their precise concentrations are different. The regular gummies contain 15 mg of CBD, while the high-potency version has 25 mg, and the sleep version provides a larger dose of melatonin (5 mg).

    Hemp Bombs CBD gummies best bits

    • Contains L-theanine, melatonin, skullcap, and passionflower for added anti-anxiety and sleep-supportive effects
    • Three gummy varieties
    • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
    • Extensive third-party test results
    • Natural ingredients
    • Made with organic, non-GMO American hemp

About Hemp Bombs

One of the most popular American CBD brands, Hemp Bombs offers everything from tried-and-true CBD oils to vape e-liquids. The company sources all of its hemp from organic, non-GMO American farms and is known to offer multiple sizes and potencies for their products.

However, where Hemp Bombs truly shines is its third-party testing. Whereas many brands only provide third-party tests for potency, Hemp Bombs goes above and beyond by also ordering tests for pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. For this reason, their products have an added layer of safety.

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CBD Gummies FAQ

What are CBD gummies?

CBD Gummies are sweet, edible treats that have been infused with CBD (Cannabidiol).

Are CBD Gummies legal in the UK?

Any CBD product, including gummies, is perfectly legal in the UK as long as it contains 0.2% or less of THC.

How long does it take for CBD gummies to work?

CBD gummies work fastest (about 30 minutes) when taken on an empty stomach. If you’ve eaten recently, they may take as long as two hours to be felt.

How many CBD gummies should I take?

The dosage will depend on the particular product you’re buying and your individual CBD requirements. As a general rule of thumb, most people take 10-30 mg CBD gummy doses 1-2 times a day.

Pros & Cons of CBD Gummies (compared to CBD oils)

The main downsides of CBD gummies are that they have lower absorption and take longer to start working than CBD oil.

Their main advantages are long-lasting effects (typically over 4 hours), ease of use, precise dosing, discreet nature, and a pleasant taste. In that sense, gummies are particularly great for taking CBD on the go.

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